Governor Goodhair screws us all royally

I had to make this a separate post because I am so steamed about this. Governor slams door on cyclists and Safe-passing-for-bikes bill reportedly on Perry veto list also Other measures the governor killed or let live finally Perry vetoes of ethics, bike bills surprise some

Rick “Goodhair” Perry has a bodyguard of 4 Texas State Troopers that ride with him either MTB or on the rare occasion he ventures out on his road bike. If I had armed guards front and rear when I was riding I wouldn’t worry about getting passed too close (“buzzed”) when I was riding either. Perry needs to get out and ride the roads without his entourage and see what it is really like for those of us not surrounded by tons of steel and plastic. This was not a bicyclists’ bill, this bill would have protected everyone that was not in a car from those who are driving multi-ton WMDs disguised as transportation. It imposed no new requirements on drivers, they are already required to pass safely, it just makes it law that not hitting someone hard enough to knock them down is not the same as passing them safely, and ups the punishment for not making a safe pass on someone that has no armor.

PSA, Opus


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