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I went to the Lab Rat Keeper today, so it’s a late post

I went to the Lab Rat Keeper today and it was a difficult trip, with many delays in getting home so this post is a bit on the late side. Actually there were many delays just getting there, which was just compounded by stuff going wrong once I got there. The good news is I’m down to 209.4 with dry shoes vs the 212.4 3 weeks ago with wet shoes, but without shoes I’m almost a pound lighter at 206.4 today vs 207.2 last time. Yes you read right I had almost a full kilogram of water in my shoes last time. anyway that’s the good part, the bad part is my BP is up both systolic and diastolic, and my rest pulse is also up to 60 from 48, a 20% increase :[

Well filtering the Feed today was horrendous, what with the indifference to life and death and human suffering shown, and that was just judges handing down sentences against people that had plead guilty to killing or injuring cyclists and leaving the scene. Throw in a few wrecks, and comments sections and you have the recipe for a Maalox Moment that was about 3.5 on the Richter scale (detectable without instruments but no damage).

Getting to the first of those Maalox Moments is the sentencing of the man that hit 10 cyclists during El Tour de Tucson last year. No jail for driver in crash with 10 bicyclists Seriously, WTF? Is the judge insane, or just comfortably bought? This guy hits 10 cyclists, sending 5 to the hospital and leaving one who is years away from being able to live without 24 hour care, and he gets his license taken away for life and may (is allowed to) spend the rest of his life in an assisted living facility in GA? The guy tried to remove the evidence from his car after leaving the scene of a wreck, he should be in prison or jail for that at the very least.“No useful purpose could be served by sending a 91-year-old man in ill health to prison.” How about sending the message that you MUST stay at the wreck until all the details are taken care of and the LEO tells you you can leave.

In the same state as I live. Bicyclist killed by hit-and-run driver Sunday morning Had Goodhair signed the Safe Passing Bill this would have at lest been a $1000 fine when they caught him. Cheaper than the back hoe and cement mixer and easier than finding rabid badgers.

In some good news the thing that walks like a woman that hit 3 cyclists in Sand Springs OK killing 2 has been sent back to jail and her bond tripled. Accused cyclist-killer back in jail Don’t you just love the expression on her face in the picture? If ever anyone deserved the death penalty for a car wreck it’s her, just for the expression on her face in the booking photo. If you saw the pictures of the wreck scene with the pristine helmets sitting on the road, those helmets were securely fastened to the heads of the killed cyclists immediately prior to the wreck and were removed by the force of the impact, that’s how fast she was going when she hit them. Even had the helmets been on their heads when they hit the ground they would have been dead from the other impacts in very short order. I’m going to make a very special post in my blog of what should happen to her. Look for it, but read it quick because it might cause your screen to melt.

That CA rider in IL was riding in protest of the bailout. Protesting bicyclist killed on cross-country ride and Cyclist on protest ride killed in Clinton County and Chula Vista man killed on cross-country bicycle trek also Bicyclist killed in Clinton County While I may not agree with the man, I whole-heartedly support his protest especially the bike ride part. If they were too big to fail they were too big to be allowed to exist as a security threat to the country and the world. And that’s the extent of my non-bike political rants for this post.

From my old stomping grounds in UT. Cyclist fatally struck after driver goes into diabetic shock and Cyclist Hit And Killed By Driver In Diabetic Shock The comments section is easily worth the price we pay to read it, nothing. I have friends that are diabetic, and they tell me that depending on the type of insulin you take and the amount of time since your last meal, and the dosage, plus any other meds that can synergize with the insulin this might happen to anybody who just started new meds. It could even happen to people that haven’t changed their meds recently if their diabetes changes. It shouldn’t have happened but it did and now one life is over and the other is ruined.

A cyclist rides the off ramp of a freeway and gets hit. Friends, Family Mourn Cyclist Killed By Vehicle and Cyclist killed in Pacific Beach identified OK not the brightest thing to do, riding against the flow of traffic on a high speed off ramp, there may have been some visibility issues with the cyclist, just not very bright. We are talking grain of wheat bulb with insufficient voltage, LED without biasing current, not the shiniest light on the Yule tree. I’m not going to call him stupid, he may have just been ignorant, but stupid or ignorant he’s dead. Don’t you ride against traffic on an off ramp or you’ll be dead too…

Another report on the guy that swerved to miss a deer and hit a man on a bicycle. Bicyclist killed in Brown County and Bicyclist killed near Hiawatha has been identified You just have to wonder at the priorities of a man that swerves to miss a deer and kills a human being, even if that human being was an old man riding a bicycle. And I’m being facetious here, I’m an old man who rides a bicycle.

And SC kills another one. Man riding bicycle hit by car Things not to do here, first and foremost, don’t ride a bike at night in SC without a police escort, and even those are not a perfect solution. Second if you are going to ride at night in SC without a police escort, ride a bike with lights and reflectors. The dark clothes thing? It’s dark, what color is dark, what color is everything in the dark? The clothes might have made a tiny difference in reaction time had they been reflective, but lights and reflectors are much better and more important than bright colored clothing at night. I wear it, but that usually is because my nighttime trips start out in daylight so I wear bright colors and a reflective garment so I have both periods covered. and my reflective garment has blinky LEDs on it so I’m double covered at night with lights and reflectors on the bike and my body.

A kid is killed crossing a dangerous highway. Bicyclist killed on Coastal Highway The sole comment at the time of this posting was about the infrastructure not being suited for anything except cars, with the crossing lights being too short for most people to make it across the entire intersection and no way to trigger the crossing light if you get caught in the middle when the light changes, which is interesting if you read the report that the girl was crossing against the light and wearing headphones. If the light changed before she made it all the way across she probably didn’t hear the cars start coming…

“WHARRIS” in MT, you are in big trouble in your 2006 Dodge pickup truck. Police investigate injury hit-and-run Your plate was written down by a witness, your ass is grass. Turn yourself in and claim temporary blindness, you will get a slap on the wrist unless you were drinking… I’ll take care of the hole and the cement mixer for you, it would be unspeakable to make you do it yourself.

The editor thinks there might have been someone in the car besides the driver that hit a cyclist in NY. Reliable witness Making passengers that don’t report hit-and-runs accessories unless they turn in the drivers that hit and then leave the scene may reduce the number of unsolved hit-and-run. It certainly won’t cause any more hit-and-runs.

Another report on the hit-and-run just discussed. Bicyclist Killed in Elmira Hit and Run This was the one that had the Dodge pickup truck involved or the SUV that used the same headlight assembly.

It’s dangerous to ride a bicycle in AL. Roads, motorists dangerous to bicyclists After reading the comments, “Ya Think!?”

Angry people in NoCal Friends of 2 cyclists object to deputy’s sentence and Memorial bike ride honors pair killed by sheriff’s deputy My words on this subject have been exhausted, all I can do at this point is repeat myself.

Another helmet article. Bicycle helmet use not the norm in U.S. [sigh]

A ride to remember? Gabus bike ride set for July 5 Some people liked the guy (who died at 90), and want to support his charities, others not so much. The price seems kinda steep to me.

Another UK story, we have a batch of them tonight Cyclist injured after collision Nothing more to see here, move along.

They don’t know if this guy got hit or just fell badly. Police appealing for witnesses after cyclist left with head injury My psychic powers say he just fell badly.

And we started with a report on utter depravity given a slap on the wrist in AZ, we finish with the same in the UK. Bristol man left injured teen cyclist in road At least some of the commenters have some decency about them.

And that’s it for tonight, I’ll get the very special post about the Sand Springs bicyclist killer up tomorrow.

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