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The Sand Springs OK bicyclist killer

This case has gotten an unusual amount of attention, in part because the cyclists were not even on the roads when hit, in part because of the extreme amount of violence involved in the wreck (the deceased cyclists were knocked out of their helmets they were hit so hard), and in part because of the utter indifference and depravity at the situation on the part of the accused.

The wreck happened on a fairly high traffic road leading out of Tulsa

OK 51 is readily visible on the Google Map view. This was where the wreck took place, on the shoulder of OK51. You can look back in my blog to get the full story.

Today’s links are about the perp (I refuse to mention her name, I do not want to give her not one second of fame or infamy) bonding out of jail for a second time after her bail was raised to $300,000. Hang onto your mice, it’s a bumpy ride Accused cyclist-killer back in jail and Tausha Borland’s Bond Increased and Woman Accused In Bicyclist Deaths Out On Bond also Woman charged in bicyclists’ deaths free on bond even Driver in cyclists’ fatalities free on bond and Local, State Briefs: Suspect in 2 bicyclists’ deaths released from jail and finally Tausha Borland Bonds Out For Second Time

The booking picture is of a spoiled brat that needed to be slapped down back in 2007 the first time she was arrested for DUI, but somebody had money and it was reduced to a misdemeanor and she was let go. She ain’t getting let go this time.

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