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From an office with AC it’s the Feed

Yes the office is now comfortably air-conditioned, and with all the little AC units going the inside air is bone dry. After I finished installing the big window unit the roommate decided that she needed AC in her bedroom like my son has, so she nagged and bribed me to install hers today. It was way cheaper to buy 3 window units to cool the house in sections than it was to replace the inside part of the central heat and air unit, by about half. we use the air handler part of the central unit to make sure the rest of the house gets cooled as well…

Things have been busy out there while I was installing AC window units. You guys in MD must think you’re in FL from the number of cyclists that were killed this week. There’s more unrest in Boise, and final sentence was pronounced on the deputy that hit 3 cyclists head on last year and killed 2 of them. Plus a bunch of other stuff.

Going with the etory that has the most links first is a hit-and-run involving 2 cyclists and a drunk driver in Ocean City MD, the same city that killed a cyclist the first part of the week. One bicyclist killed, another injured in hit, run near Ocean City and 1 bicyclist killed, 1 injured in hit-and-run crash also Bicyclist Killed On Ocean City Bridge The riders were out on a night ride and from all reports were properly lighted, and then the drunk decided they didn’t belong on the bridge and hit them, and left. Good Samaritan followed the drunk’s truck and told LEO where he was going, the LEO found the drunk still drunk, drunk is in jail. As for how you can avoid a similar wreck, it looks like the bridge was not a good choice for cycling as there was no escape route should a driver lose control of either the vehicle or his mind, guard rails basically started at the curbs and the lanes were very narrow. It may have been the only reasonable route, but it was still very poor for cycling.

A cyclist gets killed in TX. Auto vs. bicyclist, county’s second fatal MVA in under 48 hours Another hit from behind, from the looks of the picture the back of the bike was pretty much torn off. According to witnesses had the cyclist been any further off the road he would have been riding in the grass. He was already in his escape route and got hit anyway.

Things are still “heated” in Boise over the recent spate of wrecks that killed 3 cyclists in 3 weeks. Boise Police Start Bike Safety Drive and Why have no charges been filed in recent cyclists’ deaths in Boise? Apparently BPD is taking advantage of the controversy to target cyclists for enforcement in spite of none of the deceased cyclists being at fault in their wrecks, and many in the cycling community are wondering why it is taking so long to file charges against the offending (and sometimes offensive) drivers.

Someone shot a cyclist. Police investigating cyclist shooting Total waste of time, shooting a cyclist in a drive by shooting, just hit him with the car. Much deadlier, and the worst you can get would be a couple months house arrest.

Speaking of getting house arrest for murder. Judge: No jail time for deputy who killed two cyclists and Ex-deputy apologizes for killing cyclists Yes he killed 2 out of 3 cyclists when he hit them head on. Yes he admitted being asleep at the wheel. And he got 4 months of house arrest, with probation, and a demotion. You watch they will keep him on as a tech until this all blows over in about a year, then they will make him a deputy again. Unless he dies from “sleeping” at the wheel again.

A cyclist killer that was driving drunk is sentenced in CA. Drunk Driver Who Killed Bicyclist Gets 11 Years in Prison Well at least one judge in CA is not presiding from the bench with a recto-cranial impaction. I wonder at the other judges that kept letting this waste of skin go until he killed someone.

More on the taxi that mowed down 4 people yesterday. Four injured after taxi veers onto Phila. sidewalk I’m with one of the commenters on this story, how fast was the taxi going to create this amount of havoc?

They finally IDed the woman killed at the beginning of the week in Ocean City MD same place I was posting about earlier in the post about the hit-and-run. Summer worker ID’d as cyclist who died Only thing i can say about this one is to watch where you’re going, and don’t cover your ears with headphones.

And they’re still talking about the wreck in IL that killed the guy riding his bike in protest from CA to DC. Man charged in fatal bicycle accident in Clinton County, Ill. and another from CA Man accused in wreck that killed cyclist Hey, just loan me a backhoe and a cement mixer, I’ll take care of him for free. Wolverines not included.

From Canuckistan comes a tale of a cyclist that wrecked so far off the beaten path it took rescuers all night and part of the next day to get him back to medical treatment. Crews rescue injured cyclist If you are going to ride that far out in the boonies you really need to ride in a party that can get you back out if needed, instead of having to call in a chopper to pluck you from whatever cliff you landed on.

An obvious left cross is blamed on the cyclist. Cyclist struck and killed in Vaughan The truck was turning left and the cyclist ran into him? since the cyclist didn’t enter on the red that sounds very “fishy” to me.

A 7 YO gets hit by a car in Jolly Olde. Young cyclist seriously injured in crash I don’t know about these Renault Clios, they seem to hit a lot of cyclists when LEO identify the vehicle…

Another hit from behind in the UK. Cyclist injured in hit and run is named You have to assume that when the car and bicycle are traveling in the same direction the car hit the cyclist from behind.

And even a world champion cyclist is no match for a car. Former world champion Stagurskaya killed by car

UF goes off their rockers for helmets. UF now requires employees riding bike, scooter or motorcycle to wear helmet I find it interesting that when they wish to impose draconian regulations it’s because they are responsible for safety, but when someone gets hurt it’s their own fault…

And Streetsblog and my counterpart for examiner.com in DC have noticed a proliferation of signs that direct cyclists to dismount and walk. Everywhere a Sign

That’s all for tonight. There may not be a post tomorrow, more religious stuff with the Dallas SoltiCelebration at the Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake. It runs from noon to 10 PM so I probably won’t have the time to read the Feed and compose a post before I have to leave. Actually I also plan on sleeping in tomorrow so I know there won’t be time to make a post. 😉

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A hot and sweaty day of installing the Feed

Actually it was a hot and sweaty day of installing a window unit AC in the living room, which had to be done before I could do any blog posts, by dicta of She Who Must Be Obeyed Lest Ye Not Get Laid, plus by the time I got everything done with the AC it was almost time for dinner, and I have been trying to eat and post at the same time. That has not gone well…

This is today’s Feed and yesterday’s as I was called out on an emergency religious duty just as I got back from grocery shopping with Gigi, and my wife. Gigi carried most of the groceries home, especially the ones that would not survive a 2 hour bus ride home, and my wife carried the rest. I of course provided the legs to move Gigi. For those of you not in possession of the $3 program, Gigi is the one on the left at the header of this Blog. And I should also say that Gigi gets more fan mail than I do. I get comments, Gigi gets fan mail 😀 Getting back to yesterday I didn’t get back from the emergency until after 2230, and by the time I ate dinner and read the Feed it was after midnight and i had been going all day in the 90 plus degree Fahrenheit weather, it still being 91 at midnight. If you thought I was cranky in my regular postings, I would have been insufferable yesterday had I decided to compose a post after midnight. Sanity prevailed (an unusual situation in this blog I know) and the post was put off until today and a special post I put up earlier on why motor vehicles are WMDs.

One of the reasons I was so angry yesterday was the huge number of links on the Sand Springs OK cyclist killer, which all hit me in the first Feed report. The look on her face in her second booking photo was just so infuriating I had to make a special post about her well that and all the links about her re-arrest and her bond being raised on additional counts, and her making that bond and getting released the same day, she was out before the reports of her arrest were posted to the intertubes. Scan down to the special post on Sand Springs OK for the full story.

Up first isn’t a bicycle wreck but it could have been a bicycle or any other 2 wheel vehicle. Scooter rider injured in crash with truck The scooter had the right of way through a 2-way stop, and the vehicle at the stop sign just pulled out in front of him and Pow! Scooter yard sale. You have to be vigilant at intersections because threats come at you from all directions, and you are especially vulnerable from the sides. Your best bet in this situation is a fade off away from the vehicle with heavy braking that at least reduces your speed at impact.

Since we are in the area, do you know anyone that might be family to the cyclist killed this week in SLC by the driver in diabetic shock? Help locate family of cyclist who was killed If you can help, contact the number in the article.

Lawyer blathering about why it is so hard to win in a bicycle v car wreck case. Bicycle Versus Car what it boils down to is to win in VA you need to almost prove intent to injure before you can win in a suit where the motor vehicle operator was at fault. TANJ!

More reports on the guy killed on the protest ride from CA to DC while riding in IL. Calif. man riding bicycle across U.S. in protest is killed by Centralia driver and Chula Vista biker dies in Illinois crash After all these links there isn’t really any more to say, except did you see what the charges are now?

More reports on the girl killed in MD crossing the road with her bicycle. Bicyclist Killed Tuesday Afternoon Now they’re saying the girl never even started on the green just went straight through the intersection without stopping and against the red light. Teen bicyclist killed in OCMD accident and June 24-Bicyclist Killed On Coastal Highway

More on the kid killed in AZ. PD: SUV runs light, kills 13-year-old bicyclist in Glendale What you want to bet that all the driver gets is a ticket, if that much?

A kid on a bike is hit by a semi. Five-year-old cyclist hits tractor-trailer in East Earl Let’s count the mistakes on this one: riding against traffic, on a busy highway, and too young to have developed the judgment required to ride in such an environment. And the truck driver was not injured when the 5 YO went into the rear axles on his trailer, I wonder why not [/sarcasm]?

This is the kind of wreck where you just have to wonder why the driver isn’t in jail. Leland bicyclist struck by car on N.C. 133 “She stated that she saw the bicycle rider and took her attention off the road momentarily to speak to one of her children.” She saw the guy and then hit him anyway. Why is she still walking the planet freely?

What was apparently a right hook crash leads to citations for the driver? OCEANSIDE: Bicyclist injured in collision The driver cuts off the cyclist in front of multiple witnesses and the police do?

I think this wreck was in Albuquerque. Man jailed following fatal bicycle accident At least he’s in jail pending results of the toxicology tests to determine if he should be charged with DUI homicide or just driving while stupid.

A cyclist is injured in Canadia and apparently that’s all anyone knows at the time of the posting. Young cyclist injured in crash Nothing on the wreck or the injuries, just that it happened. Frustrating.

An older cyclist is injured in Oz, and everybody wants to talk about it. Elderly cyclist serious after crash and Cyclist critically injured in Mackay Everybody’s talking but nobody is saying anything. I hope he recovers.

A VA reader requests a bill similar to the one that Governor Goodhair just vetoed here in TX. Cyclists need legal protection And the anti-bike “people” come out in droves.

A Colorado cyclist wishes every day was bike to work day. Denver bike messenger: Every day should be bike-to-work day Typical mix of “Yay bikes are so much fun” and mostly “Get those toys off the roads where adults have to drive” in the comments.

And in Oregon where they get it, some safety tips. ODOT offers bike safety tips I like this quote: (T)he Oregon Department of Transportation wants to remind everyone that a bicycle is not a toy — it’s a vehicle. I told you they get it.

And that’s it for the last 2 days, maybe things will cool down a bit now that I have installed AC in the livingroom and the cool air goes all over the house, but I wouldn’t make any bets on it.

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