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Back from my break, the weekend Feed

Well I’m back from SolstiCelebration at WRL, and finally re-hydrated and electrolytes balanced. I had fun, drank several pounds of water, lost several pounds of water and electrolytes in sweat, danced (poorly, but with much enthusiasm), networked, and represented my bike club by wearing my club jersey (yay RBENT!) because I knew it was going to be hot and I needed a wicking garment to help keep me cool. My Safety Shirts t-shirts were both in the wash from previous rides that weekend, so the RBENT jersey was the choice, since it was in the best shape other than my Team Anaerobia jersey which would just confuse people…( The Republic of Anaerobia is a mythical Southeastern European Communist country with a legendarily awesome cycling team, and the mythical (fictional) part is what I expected to confuse people).

Well as you can imagine there were a lot of reports after waiting a whole 2 days to read the Feeds, with some overlap, but because the Weekend Feed is usually smaller than the rest of the week this will not be as large a post as what there would be had I taken a day off in the middle of the week. Just the usual “stuff” of any weekday Feed.

We will start out today with more reports on that hit-and-run in Ocean City MD. One Bicyclist Killed, Another Injured in Crash on O.C. Bridge and 1 Bicyclist Killed, 1 Injured In Hit-and-run Crash also 1 bicyclist killed, another injured near Ocean City A drunk driver in a confined environment makes for a wreck, and the cyclists happened to be in the way of it.

Another cyclist is hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist killed near Dublin and Dublin bicyclist killed in collision with car This wreck was unusual because the driver was injured, but only because she went into oncoming traffic after hitting the cyclist, with the cyclist’s body trapped under her vehicle, and hit an oncoming SUV.

There’s a reason why FL leads the nation in dead cyclists since 2006. Cyclist says driver hit him and laughed Who’s laughing now funny boy? You’re in jail, and the cyclist you hit is spending your money in the hospital, and your car is getting stripped by thieves in impound. They didn’t describe the wreck in the article so I’m just going to taunt the driver over the Internet. Too bad about that stereo system buddy, I have an old cassette head unit I could sell you. 😉

A cyclist gets killed by a hit-and-run driver in MT. BREAKING NEWS: 18-year-old bicyclist hit and killed on Highway 83 north of Seeley Lake How can anyone drive off after they know they hit someone, heck something, and not stop to see what they hit? Heck I drove over a cat that got up and ran off and I still stopped to make sure it was OK.

More from SoCal. Cyclist killed in Malibu And another hit-and-run from behind. The driver abandoned his car and tried to escape on foot, but intrepid police work found the perp and arrested it.

A teen cyclist is hit-and-run in DE. Teen bicyclist injured in Dover hit-and-run Beige, it was beige. And I got hit by a white truck, according to the stoners watching the cars go by at 1AM. Having been hit-and-run myself I understand not knowing anything about the vehicle that hit you or how you got hit.

Mutiple reports on this wreck starting with Bicyclist injured in crash near U.S. 31 and Quincy Street in Holland Township and the update Two Holland bicyclists critically injured when hit by driver police say was intoxicated The update link actually appeared in the first article after I filtered the Feed. So, a drunk driver does a hit-and-run on 2 cyclists and tries to drive off with a smashed windshield. I’ll run the backhoe and cement mixer if somebody else will get the wolverines and rabid badgers.

Nothing about the wreck except that the bicyclist died. UPDATE: Bicyclist Killed on Madison’s East Side Comments blame the cyclist, but that’s normal.

A Brooklyn cyclist runs a red light and pays the price. Brooklyn bicyclist killed after crash with van You have to at least treat red lights as stop signs, not just ride right through.

The bicycle rider killed was an afterthought in this article. Thrown from car, Golden Valley teen dies You have to get over to page 2 of this article to find out there was a cyclist killed also.” a Rochester bicyclist, James S. Groby, 58, was hit and killed by a truck Friday.”

My examiner.com colleague from Twin Falls ID reports another ID cyclist killed on the heels of 3 in Boise. Twin Falls bicycle death Nothing on the actual mechanism of the wreck, but a lot of commentary (reminds you of a certain witch?).

A NJ youth won’t ride any more after getting hit with a car. PITTSGROVE: 16-year-old killed riding bike Witnesses told police the vehicle had the right of way through the intersection at the time of the accident.” Which vehicle, the car or the bicycle? Apparently the cyclist ran a red light and got hit.

Another report on the death of a World Champion cyclist Ex-world champion cyclist killed in training crash Some crashes are just beyond the ability of human reflexes to avoid. Like a truck crossing the centerline to hit you head on. The only bright spot in this wreck was the driver did not escape injury. I know that sounds petty, and maybe I am petty after getting hit myself and the driver getting away with assault with a deadly weapon.

Another cyclist gets killed in the UK, actual information maybe in 6 to 8 months if it makes the news. Cyclist killed in road crash Aside from the make and model of the car involved that article is typical UK.

More from the UK, this time another report on the kid hit by the Renault Clio. Boy cyclist injured by car

Two reports on this wreck. Cyclist killed in car crash and from the Beeb, so it has to be true and factual Cyclist killed in crash with car

And our final UK report before the “lifestyle” stories. Cyclist killed in car collision It’s also from the Beeb.

An article on bicycle helmets. No brainer I’ll repeat my stand on bike helmets: they’re next to useless, helmet laws suck, and everyone should wear a helmet because it’s the only piece of protective gear we have. I don’t know if the distinction is getting through on this, but I’ll try. Bike helmets are only fully protective in a fall from a bike, and are not the panacea from head injury that helmet advocates make them out to be (like in this article). In a collision with a motor vehicle if the helmet protects you from getting killed it is a fluke because the vehicle didn’t hit your head or at least not very hard, no harder than you would have hit had you just fallen from your bike. I was wearing a helmet when I was hit and I suffered brain damage that ended up costing me my ability to find work, even though the helmet reduce the severity of the impact enough that I survived. There are worse things in life than dieing. Quality of life needs to enter into the equation as well.

Lawyers in CT give the bike laws and the usual interpretation of them, useful things to know if you live or plan on traveling by bike through CT. Riding Your Bicycle: How to Protect Yourself In order to protect yourself legally and exert your rights to compensation after a wreck, you have to know and obey the laws regarding what to do on the roads.

A pedicab company starting up near Atlanta is trying to do the right thing but is worried that the outlaw pedicabs may poison the waters before they can begin legal operations. Pedicabs find niche in Decatur, but going is slow elsewhere in area

Native Americans retrace “The Removal” or what we Anglos call the Trail of Tears. Cherokee pedal their way on Trail of Tears The Cherokee don’t refer to it as the Trail of Tears. It still makes for a heck of a bike ride, I can’t imagine having to walk it in the dead of winter with limited supplies.

A Catholic cyclist rides to remember his wife. Bicyclist keeps cause for wife in high gear His wife died of cancer, and his rides go to help fighting the disease.

And that’s all I have today, it was a bit of a chore but I covered it all for you.

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