Wrecks, updates on wrecks, and Lifestyle reports, it’s the Feed

Well, we have new wrecks, updates on old wrecks, and lifestyle articles, so it must be a Feed. For those that wonder about the structure of my blog posts parts of it are also posted to BikeJournal.com for the daily wrecks thread. Only the reports from North America are used in that thread, so to make it easier those links are posted in a group at the top of the article, after the introduction. I then just cut and paste that portion of the post to the wrecks thread. Doing it all in one chunk is easier than trying to find individual paragraphs in the HTML and pasting them to the BJ wrecks thread. So while they get the wreck reports they requested, usually they don’t get the exposition at the top of the post, nor anything outside of the US and Canada. Also for my Canadian readers, I love your country and would like to go back sometime when I get the $$ to, so don’t take it as any kind of insult when I refer to the provinces from Manitoba on west as Canuckistan and Ontario and east as Canadia.

Up first is an update on an old story, with a twi$t. $2,500 Reward Offered For Arrest Of Hit And Run Driver Yes, there is just so much local support for cycling that nobody has come forward to identify the driver that hit a cyclist from behind and forced him into a second cyclist who was slightly injured. The first cyclist suffered major leg injuries. If your neighbor has a silver car that is missing the passenger side mirror and was in East TN around the date in question, you could be $2,500 richer.

First of 2 UT wrecks has a left hook on a cyclist near where I used to live. Bicyclist injured after being struck by SUV Driver claimed sun was in (his?) eyes as he made a left turn into the cyclist at 7:30 AM. As one of the commenters pointed out if you can’t see and you push that pedal on the right down, you are committing a violation of the law. As for what you can do to prevent it, assume all drivers are stupid and out to get you and ride accordingly.

Second UT article has either a loss of control wreck or a hit-and-run, in American Fork Canyon (near Provo). Injured bicyclist without ID found in canyon This is another good advertisement for RoadID, which you can get through the BikeJournal.com store (blatant plug).

Another CA hit-and-run. Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run Apparently the cyclist was injured in the head and legs, since that was about the only thing mentioned in the article, that and the CHP is investigating.

A cyclist is hit in NC, again. Cyclist killed in U.S. 301 wreck One commenter asked why the cyclist was riding in the dark, I could ask the same question of the driver that hit him. Anyway, hit from behind wreck, at night. To avoid first light up the bike, make it look like a motor vehicle from behind. Drivers don’t want to hit another motor vehicle, it makes a mess of the paint and the paperwork takes days. Second be looking behind you, and also use your ears as early warning devices, you can usually hear a car coming long before you actually see it unless the road is exceptionally straight in both the vertical and the horizontal planes, and where does that happen outside of the plains states? So, light up, have a rear view mirror, keep those ears free, and have an escape route. Beyond that you have to depend on the driver not being a homicidal maniac.

They found the driver that killed a cyclist in MS. Cyclist killed; driver arrested No word on why, but a separate account of the damages incurred by the motor vehicle suggests it was not an accident.

More on the Spanish CEO killed in Alabama. Spanish cyclist killed in Alabama by driver reaching for cell phone OK so he wasn’t the CEO, he was the president of the corporation, and he was killed by an idiot.

And a very strange report out of Canuckistan. Cyclist hit and killed on highway minutes after police say he stabbed his girlfriend This sounds very much like suicide by motor vehicle, which is similar to suicide by cop, or standing in front of a moving train. How to avoid a similar wreck, well first don’t stab your girlfriend in the back, either literally or figuratively…

Starting close to home on the Lifestyle articles is one from down the road a piece in Austin. Bike shop owner helps put Austin on national mountain biking map If you have to ride on dirt, ride on legal dirt.

Riders in MA try to ride cancer to death. Bolton residents ride in 30th annual PMC The Pan Mass Challenge is an awesome ride even if it is mostly downhill 🙂

COPS ride around IN is almost complete. COPS bicycle group expected in Richmond this afternoon I have mentioned this before but support for the survivors of LEO is pretty poor from the employer’s side of things.

Apparently they had a pretty good CM in Vancouver. Critical Mass stages 1,000-rider Vancouver protest I find it amusing that so many complain about 1000 bicycles in a downtown with over 10 times as many cars.

And finally a rider in the UK rides to cure the disease that killed his father. Cyclist saddles up to fight the disease which killed his dad If cycling can cure anything I hope they find a way to cure cancers.

And that’s the whole mess today, tune in again tomorrow.

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