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Disappearing links, and other oddities, the Feed

I’m having some difficulties bringing you one story in particular today, because links to the reports keep vanishing on me. I caught first wind of the story when I was checking out the early Feed reports that come in about 2300 or so, but already about half of the links were broken. I get up today and almost all the links are broken, and by the time I had finished filtering the Feed and checked back all the links were broken. When I went to the windows where the links had opened up all I had was a blank page, or if I was lucky a 404 page. I have never seen that happen to a story before.

And the story I’m referring to is about an athlete hit during the cycling portion of a sprint triathlon, on a closed course no less, by a drunk driver. It doesn’t stop there. Not only did the guy drive on the closed course, but when cops tried to stop him he got in a physical fight with the cops. He must have attended A&M, because he sure was a “maroon” to quote a certain B. Bunny Esq. Or since this supposedly took place in KY, maybe he was just a hillbilly. I hope to be able to give you actual links to this story in tomorrow’s Feed.

My first story with actual links (I hope) is about another KY wreck where a vehicle hit-and-run a group of kids riding bikes just after dark, killing one and injuring 3 more. One bicyclist killed, two injured when struck by car in Radcliff and Car strikes bicycles, teen killed There was some question about why there was a 23 month old toddler with the teenage boys, but to me this indicates that they weren’t out for a joy ride but running an errand of some kind, and one report neglects to mention the 7 YO girl treated at the scene. This also makes me think that they were running an errand, probably transporting the 23 month and the 7 YO home from a friend’s house.

There was a bike wreck in IL, and that’s about all LEO are letting people know. Bicyclist injured 
in Algonquin crash At this point we know the car hit the bike near but not in an intersection, and the cyclist was transported by helicopter to a trauma center, which is never a good sign. And basically that’s it, nothing about direction of travel of either vehicle and no names have been released.

This is a pure case of not watching where you are going. Biking accident leaves woman critically injured The object the cyclist ran into was one of those poles with reflectors on the edge of the pavement so that you know which way the road goes at night or in bad light. You have to not be paying attention in a big way to hit one of those. So, to avoid a similar wreck just watch where you are going. And don’t ride so close to the edge of the pavement.

Another “left cross” wreck in Boston. Bicyclist injured in Jamaica Plain accident Nothing about lights so since MSM (especially Boston.com) loves to point out when cyclists are not lighted and reflectorized we have to assume the cyclist was at least legally lit.

A letter to the editor, with additional comments, from Helena MT. Rules of road apply to cyclists Apparently MT drivers hate anyone on the road not powered by an engine and surrounded by tons of steel and plastic. Big news there.

The triathlon that those 5 cyclists hit in Ottawa were training for took place this weekend, with the rider that didn’t make the fateful ride wearing the bibs of the 5 that did, carrying their numbers in their steads. Hakim, athletic community honour the five injured cyclists

Cyclists ride against Alzheimer’s. Cyclists cross country raising money for Alzheimer’s research

RAGBRAI wrapup report. Area bicycle club members take 450-mile trek across Iowa

I will try to find links to that story about the hit-and-run wreck in KY on the closed race course over the next few days.

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