Daily Archives: August 3, 2009

Unusually light Moday Feed

The Feed was very light for a Monday, and I even went and mowed the lawn before sitting down in front of the computer to read the Feed. Most of the articles are lifestyle rather than wrecks, but there are still an ample amount of wrecks.

An update on the KY wreck that killed 1 and injured 3. 1 Killed, 3 Injured In Radcliff Crash They are trying to say that all 3 cyclists (the 23 month old was a passenger) swerved in front of the motor vehicle, which I call BS on. The driver hit 3 bicycles from behind, a visual target almost as big as a full-sized car. Even without reflectors the driver should have been able to see something that big, and there was nothing in any of the articles that said the bikes had no reflectors, so they probably had them. LEO are still waiting for toxicology reports to come back on the driver, so there is a strong possibility that the driver was on drugs at the time of the wreck.

Another wreck in ON (that’s in Canadia). Cyclist killed in Kingsville hit-and-run Another chance to try out death by kitten… Apparently the long days and short nights make drivers in the Great White North stupid or something because they sure do hit a lot of cyclists during the summer…

A wreck in the UK that independent witness report was the driver pulling in front of the cyclist. Cyclist injured in crash Aside from witness reports the comments section is worth every penny you pay to read it. 😉

Final link is about bicycle touring. The journeymen I enjoyed my attempts at bike touring, a few and brief as they were.

That’s all I have to give you today…

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