I knew I didn’t imagine that story, and other “stuff”

Besides the original links that didn’t work anymore I knew I didn’t imagine that story about the KY man driving on streets closed for a triathlon and killing one of the contestants, which was further confirmed today with these new links. Also included were updates on the other KY cyclist death, more on the wreck in ON and a bunch of new wrecks.

First though we have a metric buttload of reports on the man that drove onto closed roads and rear-ended a cyclist at high speed and tried to drive away with the bicycle impaled in his windshield. Wave 3 sponsored triathlon death in Louisville, KY and Boulder, CO bike crash show cycling dangers from my examiner.com colleague and Man Arraigned On Murder Charge In Cyclist’s Death also Driver kills triathlete, faces murder charge and even Man pleads not guilty in Ky. triathlon death if you can believe this Man who killed cyclist has record of driving drunk So, the driver was awaiting adjudication on a previous DUI and was still allowed to keep his car and drive it without an interlock in spite of previous DUI convictions. Amazing, just amazing. OK call for legislation here: Mandatory impounding of suspect’s vehicle(s) until DUI is adjudicated especially if the suspect has a prior conviction for DUI, or failing that mandatory installation of breathalyser interlock on vehicles allowed only to drive from home to work and to buy food, using GPS tracking on the interlock. This is doable, the technology exists and is affordable, and the need has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt. All that remains is the will to do it.

There was more information released about the kids hit from behind while taking younger siblings/cousins from one location to another. Teammates of cyclist killed Saturday remembered as standout player, standup guy and also Details could surface today in fatal crash This is another report that indicates the bicycles were all equipped with reflectors that met legal requirements, even though the note was made in the comments section. Again there was a comment about the cyclists being on the road at 9PM, like there was some kind of curfew for cyclists. Still not known if the driver in this wreck was impaired by drugs alcohol or just stupidity.

Another hit-and-run in IL. Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run accident in Aurora Head injuries, so it is unlikely he will ever remember anything about the wreck. The usual diatribe about hit-and-run drivers applies. It isn’t used much, but in TX if you leave the scene of a fatal wreck, you can be charged with Capital Murder because someone died in the commission of a felony, even if the wreck was not your fault.

Another CA hit-and-run, way too many hit-and-runs in today’s Feed. Redding police seek driver who hit young cyclist The driver was reported to have stuck her head out the window and said “Sorry” before leaving the scene, and didn’t even stop to see if the kid had been injured.

Another kid killed while riding his bike. Mourning biking fatality Nothing about if the kid was in breach of the law, just a note that the truck that hit him also hit a parked car and a parking sign while trying to avoid hitting him. Police said the truck was not exceeding the speed limit, but in my mind if you hit multiple objects trying to avoid one of those objects and still hit what you were trying to avoid you were going too fast for conditions. But, I am not the LEO in charge of this case.

A MI cyclist is injured at the intersection of a rail trail with a road. Midland bicyclist injured while riding on Rail Trail in Clare County The cyclist apparently ran a stop sign on the trail.

More details on that wreck in ON. Cyclist killed in hit and run Using multiple vehicles to avoid pursuit, almost like this was a planned hit rather than a drunken hit-and-run. I’m just at a loss for words in this case, the more I find out the less credulous I am about the wreck. If this was a work of fiction I would not believe it for a moment.

A wreck in the UK. Young cyclist injured Typical levels of detail from a UK media wreck report.

Why you should never ride mountain bikes alone. Colleagues pay tributes to Brighton cyclist killed in 300ft Alps fall Like doing a hit-and-run on yourself.

A rare report in English of a wreck in Europe. Cyclist killed in crash Even in Europe you have to pay attention to other roads users. Interesting to note that in spite of having a much higher share of users on bicycles the death tally in Austria is about par with the deaths in TX for the same period of time…

An interesting article in Wired about treating bicycles like cars in all ways, and does that make sense or not? Cycle Law: Should Bikes Be Treated Like Cars? Interesting comments section, though some people still don’t know where the money to build and maintain roads comes from (here’s a hint, it ain’t gas taxes).

A letter on one of the few times and places where bicycle traffic is a hazard to others. Letter: Bike riders at riverfront park sometimes create a hazard (Aug. 3)

Another cop ride. New charity bike ride honors late Ind. trooper Do this one if you have a reasonable chance to ride it.

A MA PD gets a grant to harass cyclists and pedestrians. Grant will help cops keep walkers, bikers safe Yes I meant that, the grant requires ticketing cyclists and pedestrians for breaking low-risk traffic laws but does nothing about driver behavior that places them at severe risk, it is nothing more than paying the PD to harass the people it pretends to “protect”.

Huffington Post has an article on social norming. On Running (or Bicycling) with the Herd Ride that bike to work, lemming, and save a small part of the planet. It isn’t cars destroying the planet by ones and twos, but by their millions, so we have to replace millions of car trips with walking or bicycling to make a dent. But as the Chinese saying goes a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You can’t protect the environment by yourself, but we can’t do it without you either.

And finally I found the link to the report about the fatality rates of motor vehicles V pedestrians and cyclists. Literature Review on Vehicle Travel Speeds and Pedestrian Injuries I know it’s dry and dull, but this is the best information we have on the subject for now.

And that’s all I have for today, I have a religious duty to attend to tonight so there won’t be a late report.

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2 responses to “I knew I didn’t imagine that story, and other “stuff”

  1. Reading the stuff you offer on this site makes me wonder why. It’s a total downer and guaranteed to discourage cycling by focussing on the negative. For the small percentage of cyclists who die or are maimed, the much larger percentage live happy, healthy lives.
    Lighten up! 🙂 Check out http://www.bicyclinglife.com/ and take the bike safety quiz. A quote from the site: “Sometimes cycling enthusiasts are their own worst enemy.”


    • As I have posted in my “About” pages, I ride every day as transportation. I’m not trying to scare riders away from cycling but rather trying to get them active politically to improve law enforcement for cyclists. Too many times what would be the other driver’s fault if the cyclist had been driving a car the cyclist is found to be at fault for some imaginary set of rules determined by the LEO investigating or the prosecutor “prosecuting” the case. This has to stop.

      Also, I’m trying to teach riders how to avoid certain common wrecks, like the right hook and left cross, and a new rising star the hit from behind because more and more drivers are not paying attention to their driving.


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