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Not much in the way of wrecks today, which is nice. I do get tired of the acres of rent flesh and broken bones, and I get especially tired of stupid people, whether that is people that use their cars as weapons, or cyclists not paying attention to their surroundings and getting killed. The thing is I know I’m preaching to the choir in this blog, when you come to my blog you have already made the choice (99% of you, anyway) to ride safely or drive safely around bicycles. The problem is that my audience is a very tiny fraction of those on the roads, and I need to reach the millions who don’t pay attention when they drive or ride…

First up because it’s good news and also closest to my home in TX, the victim of a hit-and-run in Corpus Christi speaks for the first time to the public. Injured Cyclist Thanks Supporters I hope they catch the low-life that almost killed her, before I do at any rate. Of course if I catch him it will be a total accident as I’m not even looking for him, don’t live anywhere near the wreck scene &ct.

They only winged one in the deadliest state in the country for cyclists. Lake City bicyclist injured in hit-and-run I’m not sure if I’m reading the correct meaning from this report, but it appears that the cyclist was hit while riding on the sidewalk. If this is true this is not an accident but a case of assault with a deadly, and should be handled accordingly. I mean Wow! you can’t even ride in the general vicinity of a street or road in FL without someone trying to kill you. I don’t know what the rider could have done to prevent this wreck/assault, assuming the report is accurate.

Apparently someone is a little vague on the definition of leaving the scene of a wreck. Cyclist Struck And Killed In Baltimore “but police are not yet calling it a hit-and-run yet.
They say the driver may not have realized that anyone was struck.”
Hey, you hit someone, you don’t stay to render aid, you commit hit-and-run. Not knowing you hit someone is not a defense against hit-and-run. It’s like “I didn’t see him” is an admission of guilt, not a defense.

A PA cyclist is hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed when hit by hit-and-run vehicle in Oakland The driver in this case needs to die in prison, as soon as possible so we don’t have to spend money on his sorry butt. “Police say they are looking for the pickup driver, who got out of his vehicle and looked over the victim before driving away.” This changes from a hit-and-run to homicide, as the perpetrator made sure of his kill before leaving the scene. How to avoid a similar wreck? aside from having an escape route and being very aware of your surroundings I don’t know how a cyclist can avoid someone in homicide mode.

In NYC they are starting to require bicycle parking wherever cars park. Bike Parking Bill Requires Some Garages, Lots To Take Bikes The thing that will make or break this will be security or lack thereof. If parking the bike in a garage is more secure than locking up on the street and the price is reasonable then it will work, but if locking up in a garage just creates a smorgasbord for bike thieves then it ain’t gonna fly.

A helicopter parent complains about freedom. Bicycles and cars: A recipe for disaster The guy is blaming the wrong thing, it isn’t bikes making the roads unsafe because of their lack of tons of steel surrounding the rider, it’s those who substitute tons of steel surrounding the occupant of a car for good judgment.

Apparently there is no IQ requirement to post a petition in IA. New petition calls for banning bicyclists on Iowa county roads So, will cyclists get a tax rebate for all the roads they paid for but are no longer allowed to use? How exactly are they going to handle this? BTW don’t read the comments, I had to quit less than halfway through to preserve my sanity.

And finally a helmet maker in Oz has some suggestions on staying safe on a bicycle, and surprisingly enough wearing a helmet is not first on the list. Famou5 Shares Tips to Keep Australian Bicyclists Safe What was first on the list was “relax” or don’t get stressed out, then came wearing a helmet. Then came lights, interestingly enough.

And that’s all I have today. I have an appointment with the lab rat keeper tomorrow so expect a late report tomorrow, I don’t expect to get out of there before 2PM and maybe later if there are problems doing some of the tests, I’m also a test subject for some devices that measure blood pressure and other things non-invasively that used to require inserting a catheter into a vein or artery, and as the equipment is prototype or earlier stages of development getting set up is not always easy or quick. In fact it seldom is easy or quick.

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