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Updates on updates, and lifestyle articles makes for an interesting Feed

The Feed was definitely “interesting” today with further updates on wrecks from earlier in the week, some new reports and a few lifestyles of the 2-wheeled famous articles just for good measure. Be sure to read my own “lifestyle” blog post from today.

More on that right hook in Baltimore, as the local media just doesn’t want to let this one go. Bicyclist killed in accident identified That site just keeps using the same picture and changing the text. Cyclist Struck And Killed In Baltimore and also Plea For Your Help Following Cyclist’s Death At least now LEO are treating this as a hit-and-run finally, have learned from somebody that knowing you had a wreck is not a requirement for charging hit-and-run, the requirement is to be in a wreck and then leave the scene. I have already thoroughly explained how not to be involved in this kind of wreck in the previous 3 days of reports.

Another wreck in FL with no fatalities. Bike rider injured in St. Pete hit-and-run The 2 drivers that drove around the injured cyclist in the street need to be charged as well, in TX failure to stop and render aid when being the first to encounter a wreck is the same as if you caused the wreck in the first place. Basically the TX statute requires you to stop and render aid unless there are already responders at the wreck. Every state needs to have such a statute, with a clause that unless deliberate attempts to cause further harm were made the person that stopped is immune from liability from lawsuit for quality of care.

Another PA hit-and-run fatality. Bicyclist Dies In Oakland Hit & Run Accident I think the only thing that will stop this is the mandatory seizure and destruction of any vehicle used in hit-and-run. If people might lose their cars because they don’t stop at a wreck, they will be more likely to actually stop if they hit something, or are first on the scene after someone else has hit something.

Another left cross in Seattle. Cyclist injured in collision with SUV Seriously, why haven’t license restriction been placed on driving these behemoths? If I want to fly a different type of plane than the one I learned to fly in I have to get “checked out” by an instructor familiar with the type, but anyone with a driver’s license is allowed to drive anything with a motor and 4 or more wheels as long as they don’t do it for money. What’s wrong with this picture? Now to avoid the left cross you do pretty much the same thing as you do in a right hook, turn right so that at least the collision is changed from a side-on impact to a grazing one. Of course this assumes that you have time to react to such a situation. To that means be aware of turn signals and cars stopped in the left turn lanes to increase your available reaction time.

Aftermath of a hit-and-run in SF. Bicyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run ‘Grateful’ Following Suspect’s Arrest I still don’t see how the cyclist should be “grateful” that SFPD finally did their jobs and investigated a hit-and-run against a cyclist, but I suppose that doing their jobs and actually accomplishing something is something to be grateful for.

San Jose CA riders relate their experiences to a reporter for the Murky. Karen Kefauver, Spin City: Cyclists tell of bumps, bruises and a love of their sport

Another helmet-centric “safety” article. Program stresses need for use of bike helmets Why won’t these people look up information on web sites other than the helmet manufacturer’s pet lobby? That almost 90% reduction in head injury study has been refuted so many times I can’t believe anybody still quotes it any more. And I’m still trying to figure out how a helmet is supposed to prevent “most” injuries, when the vast majority sold in the US don’t even cover the entire head leaving the face and everything below the ears vulnerable. 😛

A man completes a quest, old school. New Smyrna man completes cross-country bicycle trek Anyone familiar with fantasy fiction or classical mythology is familiar with the “hero’s quest” story, which has numerous parallels with this report. As they say Down Undah “Good on ya, mate!”

Not bike wrecks, but an example of what hazards are out there. State police at Carlisle reports July incidents I draw your attention to the DUI incidents and wrecks, 39 DUI arrests with 8 crashes.

A violation that is near and dear to my heart, the rolling red on right turn. Va. Beach police issue 73 citations during red light enforcement One day, at just a few intersections and they get 73 violations and I’m sure missed several hundred while writing the tickets for the 73 that they caught.

That’s all I have today, more tomorrow. Tonight I have obligations at my church to attend to.

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Why I do this blog

I have been accused recently in comments that I’m trying scare people away from cycling, or that my posts have that effect. Let me assure you that is not the intent of this blog.

What I am trying to do is to educate cyclists about where threats come from on the streets and roads, and how they can avoid falling victim to those threats. I want people to ride their bikes, often and safely.

I also want cyclists to know that for every year they lose in life expectancy to the risk of getting killed while riding, they gain 5 to twenty years of life expectancy to improved health. Even at five to one, I like those odds.

I have also been accused of being anti-helmet. This is also incorrect, I am pro helmet wearing, anti mandatory helmet law. Helmets protect the head in the most common type of bicycle wreck, the fall over sideways because of sudden stop. Seriously, more people die from this than getting hit by cars, but they don’t get counted by the people that are in charge of the counting because there are no motor vehicles involved and the wrecks are frequently not on a street or highway. Wearing a helmet will prevent most if not almost all of the deaths in this type of wreck. What helmets are not designed to do, despite what people think, is protect the head in a wreck with a motor vehicle. Most mandatory helmet laws only apply on the streets or roads, where the risk of falling is at its lowest and the risks from motor vehicles are at their highest. Wear your helmet, just don’t expect it to perform miracles.

Now, read the other post for today, learn things from it, and then go ride your bike, in traffic. You ARE traffic.

PSA, Opus

Long day, and a big Feed

It was a long day today at the lab rat keeper’s place. Pee in a cup, stand on a scale, take blood pressure, do mad scientist experiments with non-invasive measurement techniques, pee in a cup again, draw 5 tubes of blood, drink orange flavored syrup, take a 20 minute nap, draw more blood, take another 20 minute nap, draw more blood, another nap, more blood, about a 45 minute nap, and the final tube of blood. I had a late lunch, then a psych test to see if I was having sexual performance issues, then a few minutes after 2PM I could go home. I stopped off for a haircut on the way home, and finally unlocked the front door a little before 1730 (5:30 PM).

After coming back from the lab rat keeper I found a more than full Feed, with 5 reports instead of the normal 4, which took a while to filter. But I did it because I know you depend on me to bring you the bicycle news, Non-racing edition.

Up first are updates on the right hook wreck in Baltimore. Bicyclist killed in accident identified and also Bicyclist Killed In LaFayette Street Crash and Spotlight on safety after cyclist killed Some of the comments show a lack of understanding of a right hook or how to avoid one (hint, turn away, don’t try to stop).

A VT cyclist is KO’ed by a backing truck. Bicyclist injured in Colchester This is almost impossible to avoid even if you are hyper-vigilant. The best you can do is leave yourself an escape route, and also not ride next to the curb (no being a gutter-bunny).

Another TX rider is killed by a hit-and-run. Plainview bicyclist killed in hit and run At this point they are saying the rider failed to yield right of way, so it looks like they will try to sweep this under the rug despite the hit-and-run.

FL tallies another dead cyclist in the deadliest state of the Union. Bicyclist Killed In Wellington Crash Hit from behind and they suspect the rider was drunk? That bike in the picture looked like it was pretty squared up before getting hit. As always, watch from behind to avoid getting hit from there, watch where you’re going, and leave yourself an “out”.

More carnage in CO. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run was Greeley man They have no idea even the basic class of vehicle that hit him, but other reports indicate he was hit from behind. Typical instructions about being hit from behind, see the previous paragraph.

More updates on the cyclist killed in AB. Cyclist killed on Yellowhead and Dead cyclist hit twice, Edmonton police say Witness reports claim the bike had no lights or reflectors, and the victim was wearing dark clothes at night and trying to cross the highway. If true, this was a case of death by stupid, no ill towards the dead intended. Lights, lots of them and pointed over about a 90 degree spread 45 on either side of center are what you need to avoid an accidental hit from behind. This is no guarantee but this will at least allow the drivers that don’t want to hit you (the vast majority, even of the drivers that don’t like bicycles on the roads) to be able to see and avoid you. I recommend the Honking Huge Taillighttm because it makes your bike look like a motor vehicle from behind which makes drivers avoid you just that much more, because you’ll scratch the paint worse 😉

I don’t know where this happened as I don’t recognize any of the place names, but they have the right idea about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Mob torches four trucks after cyclist killed by truck I mean wow, burn the truck that was used to do the deed plus 3 more just because, that’s hard core.

Infrastructure going in on the ground in Seattle. New ’sharrows’ on 32nd Ave. NW Sharrows are a good idea for an area that sees lots of bike traffic but lacks room for a dedicated bike lane, but they are no substitute for education for drivers and cyclists.

An article that also covers infrastructure and education in SC. Making Roads Safer for Drivers and Bicyclists

Legal infrastructure is as important as concrete and asphalt. The road rift

And another phrase for “car-head”. Bus driver experiences “windshield perspective”

And that’s everything, I’m going to bed.

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