Why I do this blog

I have been accused recently in comments that I’m trying scare people away from cycling, or that my posts have that effect. Let me assure you that is not the intent of this blog.

What I am trying to do is to educate cyclists about where threats come from on the streets and roads, and how they can avoid falling victim to those threats. I want people to ride their bikes, often and safely.

I also want cyclists to know that for every year they lose in life expectancy to the risk of getting killed while riding, they gain 5 to twenty years of life expectancy to improved health. Even at five to one, I like those odds.

I have also been accused of being anti-helmet. This is also incorrect, I am pro helmet wearing, anti mandatory helmet law. Helmets protect the head in the most common type of bicycle wreck, the fall over sideways because of sudden stop. Seriously, more people die from this than getting hit by cars, but they don’t get counted by the people that are in charge of the counting because there are no motor vehicles involved and the wrecks are frequently not on a street or highway. Wearing a helmet will prevent most if not almost all of the deaths in this type of wreck. What helmets are not designed to do, despite what people think, is protect the head in a wreck with a motor vehicle. Most mandatory helmet laws only apply on the streets or roads, where the risk of falling is at its lowest and the risks from motor vehicles are at their highest. Wear your helmet, just don’t expect it to perform miracles.

Now, read the other post for today, learn things from it, and then go ride your bike, in traffic. You ARE traffic.

PSA, Opus


One response to “Why I do this blog

  1. It doesn’t do any good to encourage people to take up cycling if we’re just going to send them out as cannon fodder on the streets. You perform an important service; yet despite the subject matter, you manage to temper the justified outrage with a sense of humor. Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t change a thing. Maybe someday, the streets will become safe enough that you won’t have to do it any more.


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