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I was so busy I failed to notice the 200th post to this version of my blog, which makes for over 800 posts in the various incarnations the blog has been through since I started doing bike wrecks as a major topic. I don’t regret making that my major topic as I feel I have a calling to both make note of the fallen in a single location, and to inform people how to not be like the person who got hit. What I do regret is all the people that got killed, and I couldn’t do anything about them. That was actually the reason I started adding comments about how to not get in the same situation, a desire to do something positive.

On the note of something positive, the cyclist hit in Corpus was transferred back to a hospital close to home to start rehab. Injured bicyclist transferred to local hospital Get well soon, and full recovery or I’ll ride down from Garland to kick your butt personally! (meant in a loving, supportive way of course!) And to the driver that hit you, a curse: May your life never be as good as the person you hit, may your joys only be half as happy as hers and your sorrows twice as sad, until you are caught by LEO and punished for your crimes against her. So mote it be!

More on that left cross wreck in Seattle. Cyclist critically injured in Seattle and Cyclist Seriously Injured in Collision At this point it appears the view of the cyclist from the turning SUV and of the turning SUV from the cyclist was blocked by someone illegally stopping in the middle of the street to allow the turning SUV to complete the turn, so the guilty party wasn’t the SUV driver or the cyclist but a 3rd party that prevented either from knowing about the other’s intentions or existence, until they collided. This essentially reduced the cyclist’s reaction time to a Wile E. Coyote “oh, no!” before the wreck. Now changed instructions to avoid the wreck, don’t pass cars stopped in the middle of the street unless you can see around them to find out why they stopped. As you already know, drivers do some really stupid things in the intention of “being polite” which can get you killed.

A TN cyclist runs a stop sign into a car. Maryville bicyclist in serious condition after hitting car Seriously guys, at least treat stops as yields, and LOOK to make sure you can go without hitting anything or getting hit.

A NJ cyclist is hit, driver charged. Cyclist injured when hit by trailer; driver charged The driver apparently did not allow for the width of the trailer when passing the cyclist and hit her causing leg and head injuries. This is another hit from behind that turned out a lot better than most. I’m not sure if there was anything the cyclist could have done in this case as there was not enough detail on the wreck mode or area. I used Google Street View to discover there was a wide shoulder on Rt 9, which presumably the cyclist was using. I also did not see much of an escape route as off the paved shoulder there appeared to be a very soft ditch that would have caused a wreck on its own just trying to ride a road bike over it.

Another cyclist hit in MI. Cyclist injured after he was struck by vehicle The driver was going fast enough that the cyclist ended up inside the vehicle to some extent (at least that’s how I interpret “through the windshield”). The driver was cited for violating the cyclist’s right of way.

In Canadia they caught a hit-and-run driver and charged her for her crimes. Leamington, Ont., woman faces charges after cyclist killed in hit-and-run So far all she is charged with is leaving the scene and dangerous driving leading to death, serious charges in ON.

They got another one in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in Leeston hit and run At this point they don’t know nuthin’ and ain’t sayin’ nuthin’.

They buried the kid killed by a driver hitting a group of 3 cyclists from behind in KY. Memorial Held For Teen Cyclist Killed By Car The driver that killed him and injured 3 other people is still walking around free as a bird, TANJ!

Riders remember those killed on the anniversary of their death. Anniversary of Cyclists Killed “Barbara Thomas, the driver who hit and killed the two bicyclists, was recently sentenced to three years in jail.” That comes out to 1 1/2 years per death, which is pretty poor comfort for the survivors and relatives of the deceased, considering there were 3 other cyclists she missed in that group ride. And some people wonder why group rides spread out as wide across the roads as they do, it’s so they don’t get killed by drivers not paying attention to the road and who is on it.

An IL farming town takes aim against cyclists. Barrington Hills tells bicyclists: Get in line Apparently cars in groups are not an issue, car drivers threatening cyclists is not an issue, but cyclists riding side by side is an issue. And the town fathers want to “protect” us cyclists. Also from the article I detect a note of “putting us in our place” from the town fathers in the comment about Critical Mass. As to why group rides pack up see the previous article…

More on Goodhair’s veto of the Vulnerable Road Users bill. On Perry’s veto of cyclist bill … The comments show why the bill was needed, way too many drivers complaining about the “entitled” cyclists, not understanding who was displaying the entitled attitude about the roads.

An AZ newspaper reminds drivers that cyclists have an equal right to the roads and that with school starting shortly some of them might be the neighbor’s kid. Sharing: Motorists and bike riders Look out for drivers, they might be crazy 😉 And do I really need to remind drivers reading this blog to watch out for cyclists as some of them are children and don’t always act responsibly?

More on the Pan-Mass Challenge just past. Beverly cyclists unite for common goal at Pan-Mass Challenge I just wish fighting cancer was as easy as riding a bicycle a couple hundred miles.

My Milwaukee colleague at examiner.com uses the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute for statistics about helmets. Dare we use the “h” word As all my regular readers know I advise wearing a helmet any time you are riding a bike, and I’m just as vehement against mandatory helmet laws unless and until a bicycle helmet will prevent brain damage in a 30 MPH impact with a car hood or windshield.

And that’s it for today, Gigi needs some TLC after being ridden several days in deluges with water up to her pedals. The back brake is sticking and the headset feels like it doesn’t have any grease left in it, plus all the chain lube got washed off again.

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