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I eat puppies, and other bizzareness, and the Feed

First, no I don’t really eat puppies, just trying to grab a few more eyeballs with a controversial headline. This was not a normal Sunday Feed, too many wrecks, not enough lifestyle stories. I did get some of the lifestyle stuff, but near as much as usual, and not near the normal percentage of the Feed.

I’m not sure of the wreck mode in this report, it could be hit-from-behind, or it could be a pinball. Either way it was in such a manner and direction that the cyclist was not able to avoid it. Bicycle delivery guy killed in L.I.C. as crook flees cops Given that the police in this case did not use either lights or siren at the time of the wreck the cyclist would have had very little warning of what was coming. This was totally wrong, from the get go, from the drug sale, to the police chase without lights and siren, to the wreck at the end of it that killed a guy just trying to do his job. It was all wrong!

Talk about bizzare, though, and this report takes the cake. Read the whole thing through and pay attention because there will be a quiz. Bike rider sent to hospital after collision with SUV Did you catch it? The wreck was at an intersection, but the ticket was for crossing in the middle of the street. The rider was south bound in heavy traffic, the WMD was east bound, the two collide, and the cyclist gets a ticket for being in the middle of the street. It did say the cyclist was carrying a TX ID, and under TX bike laws you are supposed to be in the middle of the street, and when lanes of traffic are separated by a curbed or grassy median you are allowed to be on the inside lane. From the sounds of this one the cops didn’t like bicycles, and really reached to blame this wreck on the cyclist.

A cyclist blows a stop sign at speed into heavy traffic, with expected results. Cyclist Killed in Crash People I keep telling you to at least slow down and yield to oncoming traffic before rolling a stop sign, and this is why. The street the cyclist was riding had a stop, the crossing street did not. This was a completely avoidable wreck, had the cyclist just slowed down and yielded at the intersection. Seriously he might not have even had to come to a complete stop so long as he allowed other traffic to clear the intersection. You can see from the wrecked bike that the cyclist was doing a pretty fair rate of knots when he hit the other vehicles in this wreck. You can see from the video that there was a big stop sign and pavement markings on the street.

A cyclist is cut off by a driver pulling out in front of him in MN. Sartell bicyclist injured in collision From the description of the wreck the driver pulled out in front of the cyclist from a side road, as the cyclist hit the left side of a left turning vehicle and was also riding on the main road. Looking at the Google Street View, the line of sight at the intersection is compromised by the line of trees on the former fencerow and you can definitely see that the cyclist had right of way in the intersection.

A head on wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclist, 12, seriously injured in Port Alberni crash The report says nothing about who crossed the centerline, only that the motor vehicle ended up in the right ditch.

Apparently a really nice guy was killed while riding a bicycle, the human side of the UK media laws on reporting traffic wrecks. Tribute to cyclist killed in crash The truck driver was uninjured? Really, a 5+ ton truck V a 180 pound cyclist and bike, and the truck driver was uninjured? it’s a miracle!

I’m sure this will be a shock to Eric the Tucson Bike Lawyer. Surprise a safe zone for bicycle riders I liked the part about zero tolerance for speeders, as speed makes a big difference in survival rates for pedestrians and cyclists in a wreck with a motor vehicle.

Another bike ride for veterans live and not. Pilgrimage to Highground Veterans Memorial Park /attracts bicyclists from across state Only 147 miles in 3 days is less than 50 miles a day, which I’m sure is because of all the novice long distance cyclists in the ride.

NM cyclists lobby for complete streets. Cyclists pressure NM officials for safer streets The thing they are asking for adds less than 3% to the cost of building a new street or road, a little more for rehabbing an older road, but has major payback in increased mode share for cyclists and pedestrians.

And that’s all I have for you today, Monday’s post may be late as I have things to take car of in the AM.

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