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Shave your legs and saddle up!

Yehuda Moon had a line that will become a classic today, as quoted in the headline. 2009-08-10 Shave Your Legs and Saddle Up

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A late start, much to do today, and still the Feed

Well Gigi required much in the way of TLC this afternoon after running to the bank this morning, and doing a bit of shopping, so I didn’t get to the Feed until after 5PM. I found a broken spoke which required stripping everything off the wheel but the quick release and the other spokes to get a new one on the wheel. fortunately it trued up nicely after getting the new spoke tight, just a slight wobble caused by other spokes having backed out a bit since the wheel was first installed last year, but now that the wheel has had a chance to take a set and “bed in” the spokes I don’t anticipate any problems. While I was at it I also trued the front wheel, which had gone just a hair out. That’s one of the good things about using salvaged parts, once they are set up the initial wear and “bedding in” are already done and all you have to look forward to are a couple years or so of trouble free use with minimal adjustments.

The Feed was a bit of a mixed bag today more like a Sunday Feed than a normal Monday that has all the weekend bike wrecks. This one had all those lifestyle articles that are normally found in the Sunday Feed, with the hate filled comments sections that also normally come on Sunday.

A cyclist was killed by a teenager swatting a bug instead of driving her car. Bicyclist killed in crash When I read this one I couldn’t believe it, someone died because a bug flew in an opened car window. To avoid a similar wreck use normal hit-from-behind avoidance techniques, watch behind almost as much as where you’re going, and be ready to use your planned escape route at any moment. And carry a can of bug spray for the idiot teen agers.

Another ID bike fatality, only the report doesn’t make sense. Bicyclist Hit and Killed Hit by the second trailer in a tandem rig? Something else is going on here, but I don’t know what.

Another UK bike wreck report with typical UK levels of detail. Cyclist injured in Lowdham smash Not enough information to let you know how to avoid a similar wreck.

A Ghost Bike is installed in Baltimore, City cyclists mourn victim of collision This was a sad thing and could have been avoided had the driver not cut the (now deceased) cyclist off while the truck turned right across the cyclist’s path.

In spite of the fact that all of the cyclists killed and injured in Boston this year were following the laws, a bike sting was conducted and numerous tickets handed out, and one of the survivors of a deceased cyclist calls LEO on it. First make streets safe for cyclists Number of cyclists killed this year in Boston by cars, last I heard 7. Number of drivers killed by bicycles in the entire state of MA since the start of the decade, zero.

An editorial that points out you can’t commute on a bike path in a park that doesn’t go anywhere or connect to anything. Paths not the same as lanes

A plea for cyclists and drivers to get along. Head Strong: It’s time for cyclists and motorists to reconcile When drivers are made more responsible for their WMDs on the road I’ll be a little less hostile. It’s hard to reconcile with someone carrying a loaded weapon and waving it around not paying any attention to where it is pointed, and a motor vehicle is one of the deadliest weapons people have to face, with kill ratios exceeding 99% against “soft” targets like human beings, depending on how fast it is being driven.

Louisville KY tries to be more bike friendly, but drivers have different ideas. They’re safer than before, but Louisville roads still scare cyclists Same as before, it’s very hard to feel the friendship from someone waving a WMD around and not keeping it under control.

And that’s all I have tonight, come back again tomorrow for more bike news, non-racing channel.

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