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Opinions and *ssholes, we have a large supply of both in today’s Feed

A thousand pardons for the rude headline, but I’m in a bad mood today. My wife was at a wedding in NY over the weekend and was supposed to call me Sunday night and didn’t and I had heard about the helicopter that went down in the Hudson with a wedding party on board, and the wedding my wife was attending was right on the Hudson, you can see it from the front door of the facility. So naturally I was worried that I had lost my wife in a plane crash, only to discover that she had forgotten to call when I called her mother’s house this morning to find out what had happened. I get p*ssy when I get worried for no good reason. But on a happier note, Tony Stewart won in Watkins Glen, and I like Tony. I used to work for some of the drivers in what is now the Sprint Cup, and some of them are still active so I stay up on what goes down in that series. In case you were wondering why a car free guy like me follows car racing, well I wasn’t always car free. I like cars, and I like racing cars. I like racing cars a lot more than I like driving cars on the street, which became just another job I had to do back in the last decade of the 20th century. I eventually decided that I could live without cars after learning how to get to work by bus. When my car quit running 5000 or so miles after hitting a chunk of rebar that had fallen in the road (broken crankshaft) and the cost to repair was more than the car was worth in trade with a working motor, I quit driving. Five years later I got a new bike and started using it to get to work, and started having fun commuting again. It wasn’t that I didn’t love cars any more, but rather that driving on the street was not fun, and riding the bike was fun. Fun>Not Fun.

We are having a lot of lifestyle stories in the middle of the week for some reason, so they are the bulk of today’s blog post, BikeJournal.com readers will only get the wrecks and will have to read the blog post to find the lifestyle stuff 😛

A non-impaired driver wanders off the road, hits a cyclist and then a tree. Driver, bicyclist both injured He may not have been chemically or medically impaired, but something diminished his driving skills. Typical hit-from-behind except that because the driver continued off the road he cut off the cyclist’s escape route. There wasn’t anything in the article to suggest the cyclist tried to avoid the wreck except by his lane position, but even if he had been actively avoiding the wreck by diving for the ditch as I posted earlier this was not an avoidable wreck.

This was a bad week for pinball wrecks, first the one in LI NY, now one in Canuckistan. Edmonton cyclist critically injured after crashing cars plow into him Pinball wrecks are another class of wreck that can’t be avoided by mere mortals. It requires that the cyclist not be there to be hit, a level of ESP that most humans can only wonder about. The pictures from the wreck scene show where the cyclist hit the windshield of the Mazda that ran the red light. It also showed the red light was run a considerable period of time after it had changed as the cyclist was hit well out into the street in the crosswalk.

In Canadia a man wanders out of the bike lane and is nearly killed for the transgression. ETOBICOKE: Cyclist critically injured The man was trying to see a child behind him on another bicycle and failed to keep his own bike under control. This is another reason to have a rear view mirror on glasses or your helmet should you not need glasses.

A man goes on a long bike ride from FL and winds up in OH. Man’s great bicycle adventure stops here The man crossed the southernmost extent of the Appalachian Mountains, which apparently are much less severe than the more northerly sections. Geologically the extreme southern end of the Appalachians are the FL Keys, and we all know about the “hills” in FL.

Some people want cyclists to be role models. Role models wanted Apparently nobody told him that most cyclists obey most if not all traffic laws that apply to them, and nobody ever sees them. Cyclists obeying the laws are invisible until struck by a motor vehicle, but break a law and everybody can suddenly see you ride a bike.

Someone in Dallas “gets” it. Share the road with cyclists We all pay for the roads, and bicycles do no damage to them, especially compared to semi tractor trailers. It would take 160 million bicycles to do the same damage to a road as a single semi loaded to the legal maximum, if the bicycles weighed 50 pounds and were being ridden by 300 pound tubs o’ lard, or conversely were loaded to the gills for a bike tour with a “normal” sized rider.

They’re having bike problems in Canadia. A bad week for bicycles: ‘We need to tell people, smarten up’ Hey, I say that all the time… Plagarists 😉

A comparison between a new charity ride and a well-established one. What Pelotonia aspires to be: the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge Pelotonia is a new ride this year, the PMC is a 30 year old event.

And someone needs to actually go out and try to buy this before telling the cyclists we need to get it. Insurance 101: Why bicycle insurance is necessary Bicycle insurance without a car is impossible to get in TX, if you have car insurance you can get a rider that covers you on your bike, but for the car free, there’s nothing.

And that’s everything today, now I have to do some more work on Gigi to make her work better.

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