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Heavy on the updates and irony, the Feed

Today’s Feed was extremely heavy on irony today, and pretty good with updates to previous wrecks. And as always I’m going to try to figure out how you can reasonably avoid some of the wrecks, and then keep it a secret. No, really I’m going to post it in the same paragraph as the link to the wreck in question. Most of the wrecks in today’s Feed are from north of the 42nd parallel (that’s in Canada) for some reason.

One wreck that wasn’t was a hit from behind wreck in OK. Phone distraction may be to blame in Shawnee cyclist death Now is there any question of why I turned down a free cell phone when I bought a cable, internet, and land line package, besides the fact that most of the time when I’m away from the house I don’t want to be contacted. Cell phones are evil when mixed with transportation, EEEVIIILLLLL. Hang up and drive, if you text don’t drive. Pay attention to things on the road when you drive. And for cyclists, pull over before you answer that phone. As to how to avoid, the standard advice on hit-from-behind wrecks applies here: watch your mirror, leave yourself an escape route and be ready to use it in an instant. And if you don’t have a mirror, Lady Ghisallo why not?! You wouldn’t drive a car without one why ride a bike that way? If cost is an issue try a Beer View Mirror

An off-road crash, and an example of why you should never ride off-road by yourself. Bicyclist hurt in fall down ravine in Chatham Twp. Always ride with a buddy while off-road, and both of you should have cell phones, but turned off while you ride.

I’m not sure at this point if being on a bicycle had anything to do with this death. Coroner’s officials identify bicyclist killed in shooting in El Monte If this was because of him being on a bicycle, that makes this similar to the shooting of a cyclist in Asheville last month. You remember that one where the firefighter shot a man in the helmet because he was carrying his 3 YO on a child’s seat on the back of his bike? Like I posted earlier, I don’t know if the victim being on a bicycle had anything to do with this, but as for how to avoid, shoot first, aim center mass of the shooter and repeat until he drops his weapon. If you wait until someone shoots first you will be too late. But you do have to wait until the shooter displays a weapon, just saying “I’m gonna pop a cap in yo’ ass” is not sufficient cause to fire. But to be honest try to avoid situations where someone has a gun.

Speaking of the devil, here’s a link on the subject of crazy people shooting at cyclists, from that very same city and referencing the incident. Mean streets

Going into the Great White North, Edmonton has its third bike wreck in less than 2 weeks. Cyclist injured in collision with van No details posted in the link at the time I created this post so if they update it you’ll know more than I do, most of the article was about the earlier wrecks.

Speking about the earlier wrecks, one of them had updates. Cyclist fighting for life And somewhat less respectful Injured Edmonton cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet No, you are not going insane (well you might be but this is not a symptom) they really did blame the guy hit by two motor vehicles bouncing around after one ran a red light and hit the other, because he wasn’t wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle in the crosswalk. Not the guy speeding and running a red light, but the guy hit in the crosswalk. TANJ!

Another SWSS, not even Toronto LEO are immune from the disease. Cyclist, 20, injured in vehicle crash I get so tired of drivers hitting a cyclist from behind and then blaming the victim for being there. Standard hit-from-behind advice applies… over and over again… I looked the street up on Google maps, and the thing is a residential loop that is less than a quarter mile long going the entire length of the street, what was the driver going so fast for, to get to the stop sign at the end of the street first?

Still in the Great White North, a cyclist was hit from behind in Abbotsford, and another SWSS. Cyclist killed in Abbotsford crash “The information we’re getting so far is that [the cyclist] may have attempted to make a left turn not at an intersection, but immediately in front of the car.” The very definition of a SWSS. LEO are also saying that the driver was in a situation of impaired visibility, because of rain and pre-dawn darkness. The cyclist was also blamed for not having a blinky light or wearing a helmet. No word on what injuries the cyclist died from.

While we are discussing the situation in Canada, be aware of a recall on Burley trailers sold there. Kids’ bicycle trailers recalled over defective wheel You wouldn’t want your kids dumped in the road because of a defective wheel, would you?

Bus route changes force the move of a bike race that raises money for charity. Delaware’s longest running cycling event relocates to Claymont

Another article on the Peletonia ride. What Pelotonia aspires to be And this paper also compared the new ride to the PMC. Strange… And while we are on the subject just where did the word “peleton” used to describe a cooperative pack of cyclists come from?

Infrastructure news! The good kind, Yay! Four Years After Crash, a Cyclist Paves a Legacy According to Streetsblog, the facility isn’t finished, but it is usable now…