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Late post, but lots in the Feed

I’m sorry this post is so late, I had family matters to tend to before blogging. Things like grocery shopping, co-ed showering, getting my bum leg massaged, silly things like that. But I’m finished with that now, so here’s the Feed.

We got another update on the right hook wreck in Baltimore. Attorney: Video of collision that killed cyclist shows truck at fault The report is that the video (which I can’t see for some technical reason) clearly shows the box van passing the cyclist and then before clearing the cyclist making a right turn without signaling, not that the cyclist could have SEEN the signal. This is one of those wrecks that is totally and utterly impossible to avoid without advanced skills in ESP. You would have to know what the truck was going to do before it got there. Comments section, some people were making comments about a completely different wreck.

While we are in the area, LEO are trying to identify a cyclist. Police seek identity of injured bicyclist If you’re missing a ho’ and your name is Bishop, she be at the hospital cause someone ganked her on her bike. For the rest of you, if this woman’s description is familiar contact LEO using the information from the article.

The condition of the only survivor of that 3 bicycle crash in KY still in the hospital has been upgraded. Toddler’s condition improved since Radcliff collision I’m very happy to see that the young’un will survive and will probably make a full recovery, someday. I’m incensed that the person that killed his uncle and almost killed his father and aunt was simply not paying attention to 3 bicycles on the road in front of him and just plowed them down like they were so many bowling pins.

Another bike wreck in Galloway NJ. Bicyclist, 16, hit by car It turns out the initial report on the previous wreck was inaccurate, the kid in that one did not run the stop sign but was hit by a drunk driver. This one is a SWSS, at least it is now, what the tox screen shows may change that. And also add another charge of lying to the LEO that took the initial report. I would call this another hit-from-behind, and the usual advice for hit-from-behind wrecks applies.

More than one report on this wreck of someone doing tricks on a BMX bike. Police: Bike Trick Rider Hit, Killed By Car and Red Bud bicyclist killed when hit by car Really what can I say about this one? I have nothing against trick riding on a BMX bike, just that there are a time and place for everything.

The most deadly state in the US for cyclists takes another one. Bicyclist Killed In Crash Nothing more to say on this one unless there is an update with more on how the wreck happened.

Another drive-by shooting of a cyclist, this time in Canadia. Low-rider Honda Civic sought in city’s latest murder probe What I don’t understand is why use a gun, when they could just hit the guy with the car and claim he swerved in front of them. Cops believe that kind of “stuff”. I hope they find the shooter and accomplices and leave them in jail until the flesh falls from their bones.

Another cyclist is hit in Jolly Olde. Cyclist seriously injured in collision

And yet another one, and I still can’t tell you what to do to avoid the wreck except not to live in the UK. Cyclist injured in Amersham collision

And even more bicycle bloodshed in the UK. Ware cyclist killed in collision This location (A414) is a common search term for this blog, it is a popular cycling route and frequently shows up in wreck reports.

A very strange story that happened to involve a bicycle. Man arrested after riding bicycle with 3-foot-long alligator on his shoulders What he was planning on doing with a 3 foot ‘gator one can only surmise, perhaps alligator gumbo?

An injured cyclist in CO is not forgotten. Fundraisers planned for injured cyclist If you can make any of these the Poet says “Do it”.

A painfully “fun” time. Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb While this is technically a race, for most of the entrants it’s a test of survival. Thus it still falls under the “non-racing” part of the blog description.

Cycling for another cause. Biking ministers promote personal lifestyle changes While I don’t endorse their religion, I do support their cause.

And finally, my colleague in Tulsa for examiner.com has instructions on how to buy a real bicycle in his city, not a BSO from Wally World or other Big Box retailer. Cycling 101: Where can I buy a bicycle in Tulsa? If you live in OK this guy knows what’s up.

And that’s everything, all done.

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