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After a hot sweaty day in the yard and working on Gigi, the Feed

Bad things happened last night, and some good things. Also some downright bizarre things, which I’ll get to in a moment. Finally had money to go buy gas for the mower so both yards, front and back are done now, and I managed to soak through a wicking T and a pair of wicking pants that I got for looking good (more on those in the future, not today). I also repaired an electrical fault in the headlight circuit on Gigi, so while the high beam bulb is still SNAFU, I have low beam working full time now, and charging the battery is no longer a random event when I plug in the charger. Note to fans, I’m looking for a cheap 3W LED MR-16 bulb with a tight beam of 10 degrees or less and at least 50 lumens light output, you can leave me a message in the comments.

Getting to the bizarre first, they caught the guy that hit-and-run a cyclist in the bike lane in Phoenix in the process of trying to destroy the evidence. PD: Man caught trying to trade in car that killed bicyclist and PD: Man caught trying to trade in car that killed bicyclist apparently from the same press release, but with comments. Surprisingly the comments were almost totally pro-bicycle or at the very least anti-hit-and-run driver.

Police caught a drunk driver after he ran over a cyclist, but still haven’t charged him yet. Police ID injured cyclist If the cops had caught this guy at a sobriety checkpoint he would have been hauled off to jail, but since he “just” hit a cyclist while drunk he gets a pass and a trip home…

Closer to home, my home anyway, a cyclist has a run in with a local shuttle bus in Odessa. Bicyclist Hit by EZ Rider Bus 8/13/09 This was about the least violent bicycle V bus wreck I have ever heard of.

Update on that bicycle V motorcycle wreck in FL. New Info on Deadly Motorcycle Crash and Bicyclist killed in crash with motorcycle If the reports are true that the motorcycle rider was doing 100 coming into a residential area with a 45 MPH limit, then if he wasn’t drunk he should have been charged with murder, if he was drunk then intoxication manslaughter.

More on the dim bulb killed when he rolled out a trick on his BMX bike into traffic. Passenger dies in Alton car crash; bicyclist struck, killed in WaterlooThis was not a wreck a normal cyclist would be involved in or even a smart BMX trick rider.

More outrage over the drunk driver that killed a cyclist in OH. Cyclist’s Death Brings Calls For Sharing Road Some of the commenters must be posting about a different wreck because they are talking about cyclists riding 2 up and impeding traffic and running stop signs, all at the same time, while this wreck was a drunk that was so out of it he didn’t even know what road he was on plowing over a legal cyclist with lights and reflectors and reflective clothing.

Someone noticed there have been a lot of bikes hit by cars this year in AB. More cyclists being hurt, killed Same as in the US away from certain big cities people don’t know how to share the roads, and cyclists pay the price of everybody’s ignorance, their own and drivers’, too.

Speaking of that, there are more injured. Pedestrian killed on south side; cyclists recovering in hospital Got to watch out on the roads, glad to hear the cyclist hit by 2 vehicles on a highway was identified, and I hope the cyclist hit by another 2 vehicles when one of them ran a red light and hit the other sending both into the cyclist in a crosswalk also does well.

Another one hit in the UK, I think this is an update on a wreck from yesterday, if not this is a dangerous highway indeed for cyclists. Cyclist killed in A414 collision named Got to watch out out there, and dang the UK media laws for not allowing enough information to tell you how to not get in the same kind of wreck.

A man with a passion for bicycles. PRINCETON: Passion for bicycles survives man’s death Recording sheet music into digital files, that’s passion.

Another helmet-centric “safety” article. Promoting biking is aim of Denville rodeo, tour on Aug. 20 Just to remind people, wear your helmet it’s all you have to protect yourself, just don’t expect much from it.

Trouble in Oz. How can we be friends? Start by not trying to kill people on bikes because they are riding slower than you want to drive…

And that’s all for today, I have to go rehearse my ritual for this Sunday’s service at Sacred Journey Fellowship. I have been asked to inject some humor into our service, we have been too serious lately, and also I have been asked to portray the god Hermes for our upcoming Patron Auction, where we choose the deity or concept that will guide us through our next fiscal year. I’m playing against type as Hermes is a smooth talker, and I can’t talk my way out of a paper bag since the wreck. As long as I stay on script I should be OK, and I have been doing some heavy research for the part so that I can stay on script even in the Q&A session.

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