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Another low signal to noise ratio Feed

What appeared to be a large Feed turned out to be rather low on articles pertaining to this blog’s mission as the place to go for bicycle information not about racing. I mean one article in the Feed was about a transit strike in San Francisco, back in 1908. Interesting but not pertinent to what I do here, and there were a lot of articles like that (well not exactly like that) in the Feed.

One article I found was this good news about the cyclist hit by 2 crashing vehicles in pinball fashion in Edmonton AB, central Canuckistan. Injured cyclist showing signs of improvement Note that the report the cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet has been refuted, he was hit so hard the helmet was removed from his head during the wreck (in pieces). At this point whatever additional injuries he has will have to wait until he regains some level of consciousness to evaluate if he has any spinal cord injuries. The ironic thing is they now know the SUV was traveling at an excessive rate of speed when he ran the red light and hit the other 2 vehicles, the full-sized Lincoln and the bicycle. Note that the impact was so violent that the Lincoln was actually the first vehicle that hit the cyclist, which then knocked the cyclist into the path of the SUV. It is unclear at what point in the wreck the cyclist’s helmet came off, but my back-channel contacts tell me that it was gone when he hit the SUV with his bare head. It should be also noted that neither occupant of the other 2 vehicles was wearing a helmet.

A case of assault with a deadly weapon in Portland OR. Bicyclist injured after vehicle drags him down NE Portland street This was initially reported as the cyclist assaulting the driver until actual witnesses reported things the LEO making the initial report made up from whole cloth. Why this happens, I don’t know. Why do cops make “stuff” up to make the victim of a violent crime look like a perpetrator of a violent crime?

A “driver” with no license or insurance hits a cyclist in MN. Bike rider injured This was another of those wrecks that the cyclist can’t avoid because the car driver doesn’t move until the cyclist is directly in front of him/her. The best you can do is just be aware of drivers in driveways and be ready to sacrifice the bike to save your life.

A cyclist in MI gets hit in a SWSS. Bicyclist Injured After Being Hit By Pickup Truck I still don’t know why they continue to believe this “stuff” over and over again. Where was the bicyclist before he was hit if he was moving in front of the truck suddenly? Or is this yet another inattentive driver saying “He came outta nowhere!” ? To avoid a similar wreck, usual hit from behind cautions and advice.

From the UK LEO are appealing for witnesses to a bicycle crash. Appeal made over injured cyclist If you’re one of my UK readers and you know something, call the contact in the report.

A drunk driver that killed a cyclist gets all but 2 years of his sentence suspended. Driver gets 2 years for cyclist’s death I really don’t know what the judge was thinking, except to blame the victim.

An editorial on reducing the number of dead and injured cyclists on the roads. EDITORIAL: Bicyclists, car drivers can steer to safety At least they didn’t mention getting bicycles off the roads, mostly just asking everybody to follow the rules of the road. They even mentioned that helmets will not prevent wrecks or prevent all head injury, just some head injury.

Bicycle infrastructure for people that don’t own bicycles where they need to ride bicycles. Need to make a quick trip? City trying out rent-a-bikes This is a needed addition to the infrastructure, needed as badly as rental cars.

My colleague at examiner.com calls the mayor of Baltimore out on bicycle safety. Politicycle: Baltimore’s Sheila Dixon Bicycle safety starts with the political will to accommodate bicycles on the road, which has been partially demonstrated in this case.

The legal infrastructure for bicycles gets a boost in LA. New laws — 293 of them — go into effect Saturday in Louisiana I wonder about 293 new laws, but the 3-foot passing law has been needed for a long time…

And that’s all I have today, now I’m going to watch Late Model Dirt cars and Outlaw Sprints on dirt, ’cause that’s the way I roll. 😉

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