A very thin Feed

Even for a Sunday we had a very thin Feed today, with fortunately not many wrecks.

Actually we only had the one report on any wrecks, with a variation on the “salmon” theme. MCSO: Bicyclist killed by wrong-way driver in E. Valley This doesn’t happen very often, the usual culprit is the cyclist riding against traffic instead of the murder machine. To avoid, be ready to bail to your escape route and pay attention.

A back to school transportation article mentions bicycles and isn’t helmet centric. Walking, biking, driving: Keep those kids safe as they head to class The only thing that worries me is all those 16YO driving to school for the first time.

First of 2 articles about cycling in NYC. Biking ‘fastest growing’ way to get around NYC Well sure, if you only had 100,000 or so riders 5 years ago and now you have 144,000 that’s a good 40% increase. What wasn’t mentioned was that during rush hour the bicycle is faster than the car or mass transit, unless your point of origin and destination were both right at subway stops.

And the second. Daily News cyclist speaks out on biking in New York City As is hammered home in the article, a cyclist is at the mercy of other, better protected, road users.

And that is really everything I have today.

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