Wow! What has happened to the Feed?

We had another Feed today that had fewer wrecks than it did lifestyle and infrastructure articles. Now don’t get me wrong, I like fewer wreck stories if that means we are having fewer wrecks, I’m just concerned that we are having fewer wreck stories because people getting hit on bicycles is no longer newsworthy it has become so common. I do like that the tone of the infrastructure articles has become more pro-bicycle than it was in the past, and considering that I think that the recent drought on wreck articles reflects a concurrent drought in bicycle wrecks. Hurray!

Another cyclist is hit in FL in a SWSS. Bicyclist is struck and injured I still don’t understand why LEO continually accept these lame stories about cyclists veering in front of cars that are about to hit them from behind. Anyway, typical advice for avoiding the hit from behind wreck, use your mirror and have an escape route.

When they have a bicycle wreck in Nepal, they don’t half do it. One killed, three others injured when bus hits cyclist I don’t understand how a bus can hit a cyclist and injure 3 people inside the bus, but I love how the relatives of the deceased cyclist stopped traffic on the roads to demand compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Users of a popular bike path and relatives of a cyclist killed by a drunk on a motorcycle while repairing a flat tire on the path are requesting a barrier be placed between the highway the motorcyclist was riding on and the bike path. A push for guardrail on Wantagh Parkway bike bath This was a story I linked to last month, about the cyclist sitting on the edge of the bike path when the motorcycle comes flying through the air and hits him in the head. As far as infrastructure is concerned had this been a motor vehicle road it never would have been constructed next to a high speed expressway without some kind of barrier between the roads, so why was the bike path constructed next to a high speed expressway without such a barrier?

More controversy in NYC over bicycle infrastructure. Cyclists, pedestrians and cars clash over biking boom in New York City As was pointed out but buried in the article, it takes cyclists a decade to kill as many pedestrians as die in a week from cars, but the “crazy cyclists” get more ire than the killer cars.

And sad news for the Austin cycling crowd. Cyclist injured at Driveway to be taken off life support In case you didn’t know, The Driveway is a place for instructing drivers in emergency maneuvers during the weekday hours and is used to race bicycles on Thursday nights because it’s safer than blocking off streets in an industrial park. Also the cyclist was wearing a helmet when he crashed but was exceeding the design limits of the helmet’s protection. If you can exceed the limits of helmet protection just riding (hard) with other cyclists, imagine how much (little?) protection you are getting while riding with 2-40 ton road beasts at much higher speeds.

And that’s the whole mess so far today. perhaps there will be more later, but probably not.

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