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Who needs a headline when you have stuff this good?

I know, that’s pretty blatant isn’t it? The alternative was “Read this or you’re stupid” which wasn’t any better and a whole lot more offensive. Anyway the reason I’m late today is I had to go buy a skirt to wear in a church function tomorrow night. I will be playing the part of Hermes in our church’s annual Patron Auction that performs 3 functions for the church 1) it raises money for the church 2) It raises food to donate to local charities and 3) it lets us choose a symbol of the direction the church will take in the coming fiscal year. Our candidates this year are Ganesh, Frigg, and Hermes (and my spell checker went “poof” with the non-classical deities Ganesh and Frigg). Anyway it turns out I’m a hard size to buy for as my lack of hips in a feminine sense make me a 14 below the waist but a small 16 in the waist. Fortunately when I’m done with this my wife wears a 14 for both her hips and her waist, so she can wear it after the Auction.

We only had 9 links total in the Feed today, lower than usual for a Friday. But I’m sure I’ll muddle through somehow…

Another report on the “SWSS” story that turns out to not be “SW”. Marshfield cyclist killed in crash This one was later than some of the links I had yesterday, but was not as updated as those links.

New Jersey drivers seem to have something against young cyclists as they have clobbered 3 in three weeks. 12-year-old cyclist hospitalized; driver charged with DUI DUI drivers are scum, and should never be allowed to drive again after they have a wreck. There has to be a way that passes constitutional muster and does not infringe on the rights of people that don’t drink and drive, that will prevent drivers from driving drunk. All you lawyer types out there get to work, you have a job to do. Make the world safe from drunk drivers, without infringing on the rights of the innocent.

And what appears to be a purge of the gene pool, no offense to the cyclist. Bicyclist seriously injured after colliding with train I hate to keep harping on this, but trains are big, loud, and very hard to miss. There are also crossing warnings, gates, and flashing lights to be ignored, not to mention that trains are confined to run on a set route by these things called “rails”… You know where they are, you know when they’re coming and people still get hit by trains, killed by 19th century technology in the first decade of the 21st. Human technology guys, this is your baby. Why do people continue to be hit by trains?

Another waste of human skin drives away from a dead cyclist that he or she killed, this time in IN. NEW: Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run accident Not enough information about this wreck to tell you how to avoid it. The usual rants about hit-and-run drivers, I’m actually starting to get burned out about them. I mean there is only so much time and so much anger a human being can sustain, and I’m approaching my limits. Or maybe I’m a little over my limits.

I wonder if the head dog at Mad Dog Media knows about this one? Irish cyclist killed in Chicago Not enough information to tell you how to avoid the wreck.

A Canadian cyclist is killed in VT USA. Cyclist Killed in Vermont No word on how the actual wreck happened, as they found the cyclist in the road with a nearly pristine bicycle, and almost dead at that point.

A typical UK wreck report. Cyclist killed in crash with car Nothing here to tell you about how to avoid the wreck, which makes it a normal UK wreck report…did I mention that I hate UK media laws? I mean in this post not over the life of this blog… 😛

A horrific crash in Oz. Cyclist killed by school bus The kids on the bus actually saw the cyclist die.

In a place where you can actually get bicycle liability insurance, most don’t get it. Cyclists not adequately covered says online insurer Naturally the guy selling the insurance is going to say not enough people are buying it, but I am sooo jealous of those that actually can get their bikes insured and themselves insured against getting hit by cars.

And that’s all I have for you today, more in the morning.

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