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A three link Feed, we will muddle through somehow

After filtering the bull riders and the stroller recalls (the stroller version of the Burley child trailer has the same wheel falling off defect) and the stuff that just did not make any sense whatsoever, all I had left were 3 links. But they were real winners as links go, solid zirconium.

Up first, because it’s closest to me, is an update on the Corpus Christi woman who was nearly destroyed by a hit-and-run driver this year. Injured cyclist receives therapy, support from community This woman’s life will never be the same because someone needed to get somewhere and she was in the way and not important enough to stop for. CONGRESSCRITTERS! We need national legislation that makes hit-and-run a Federal crime, like civil rights violations, and that calls for confiscation and destruction of the vehicles used to run from a hit-and-run. Either that or restrict Federal funds from states that have weak hit-and-run statutes. Weak is less than a 10 year minimum prison term, and less than the confiscation and destruction, or award of the vehicle used to run to the victim free and clear.

They got another one in MA about the same time as the Marshfield wreck. Second man dies in Wednesday bicycle crashes It’s not unusual to have two bicycle fatalities in one day in one state but it is not common. Usual hit-from-behind advice on this wreck.

And from Jolly Olde, advice to watch for things between vehicles as a cyclist is injured running into a tow rope. Cyclist injured by tow rope This just underscores the advice to pay attention when you ride to catch otherwise hidden dangers before they catch you…

And that’s all I have today, tonight I shall portray Hermes in my church’s Patron Auction, and hopefully represent him in Victory (who is very cute).

Billed @$.02, Opus