A lot of wreck reports for a Sunday in the Feed

Sorry this is late but church and tax-free weekend combined to keep me out most of the day. On the upside, I now have 3 pairs of shorts that won’t fall off my butt if I stand suddenly. Trust me, this is a major improvement over the shorts I just got rid of.

Up first is a wreck in Paradise AKA HI. Bicyclist Killed While Riding Along Kamehameha Highway and Pedestrian, bicyclist killed in separate traffic accidents and even Man arrested in death of cyclist Yet another driver crossing onto the opposite shoulder to hit a cyclist head on. These kind of wrecks are really not avoidable except by superhuman levels of reflexes and/or ESP. I feel bad about the pedestrian, too.

A wreck in UT on what was supposed to be a closed race course that wasn’t. 1 critically injured as cyclists crash in Utah and 5 cyclists injured in canyon crash The road was supposed to be closed, the racers thought it was closed, and there were non-support vehicles on the road that didn’t know there was a bike race going on. One of those made a sudden stop and racers went into the back of the vehicle or hit the pavement trying to not hit the vehicle.

A wreck I don’t fully understand near Pittsburgh PA. Harrison cyclist killed in freak accident in New Kensington As near as I can figure the cyclist was playing gutter-bunny and hit the curb with the front wheel for some reason (startled by a car that didn’t move over?). This is why you should be riding in the middle of the lane.

Baltimore PD actually said the cyclist killed by a van that didn’t even complete a pass before turning right, right into the cyclist… Police determine bicyclist at fault in fatal downtown accident I don’t get this, just a couple of days ago they find video that showed the cyclist was along side the truck, and now they say the cyclist was at fault.

A cyclist dances with a bus and survives in the UK. Cyclist injured in bus collision Not a good dancing partner, other than that a typical UK wreck story.

More helmet-centric “safety”. Shore cops issue fines, warnings to bicyclists without helmets Yeah, helmets will really protect them against right hooks and left crosses, and all the other stupid things that people do in cars around cyclists. Sorry guys, I think you should wear a helmet every time you ride but until and unless they raise the standard of protection the government (any government) has no business mandating helmet wearing…

Riders remember one of our own killed by a drunk driver on a closed race course in KY. Cyclists honor fallen triathlete I hope they “forget” to let the perp driver out for his trial, or anything else for about 200 years.

And that’s all I have for you today.

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One response to “A lot of wreck reports for a Sunday in the Feed

  1. It’s worth noting that the cyclist “killed in freak accident” hit the ground with his unprotected head. I’m not a helmet zealot, but this is precisely the kind of injury that helmets are designed to mitigate, however imperfectly.


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