Many updates and one new wreck

The Feed was in update mode this morning as almost all the links were about wrecks that were already covered here in earlier posts. So for those of you who just can’t get enough of a bad thing, we have more of it.

The first bad thing we are updating is the wreck in American Fork canyon that left a cyclist in critical condition Saturday. Crash in bike race hospitalizes Mesa riders and a lawyer’s perspective Tragic Accident During Utah Bicycle Event- Was it Avoidable? Summary of what I know about the wreck from reading reports I already linked and from reports I can’t link to because of technical or copyright issues: 1000 Warriors was an amateur bike race held on the same course as the 4th stage of the pro Tour of Utah. Advertising for over a year had stated this was going to be a closed course event. At some point UDOT or UHP decided not to close the course, either the day before or the morning of the race, but nobody told the racers, or some of the racers were not informed of this. There was 2 way traffic on the course and an SUV was cut off by a driver towing a trailer in the opposite direction and had to make a sudden stop in front of a pack of riders doing about 45 MPH down the canyon (they were racing, remember?) One of the cyclists went through the back window of the SUV and ended up partially inside the vehicle with life-threatening head injuries in spite of his bicycle helmet. One of the other cyclists in the pack was an EMT and was also one that wasn’t hurt too badly, and immediately stabilized the cyclist that went through the back window of the SUV. The injured cyclists were all transported to area hospitals and were either treated and released or admitted for treatment. The cyclist that went through the window is scheduled for facial surgery. As to how to avoid, if you are told that the roads are closed for your race and you see vehicles on the roads you are supposed to be racing on that are supposed to be closed, stop racing. Contact organizers and find out what the heck is going on, and request the race be neutralized and ride to the finish. That of course is only MHO.

More from lawyers about that wreck in HI where the truck crossed the road and hit a cyclist head on and killed him, apparently there was another cyclist on the scene who was only injured and not killed. Truck Driver Crosses Centerline in Ka’a’awa and Kills Pearl Harbor Sailor This is new information that wasn’t in the other news releases.

I’m not sure which province this wreck happened in, just that it was near a town named Hamilton. The big town I know of named Hamilton is in ON, but my knowledge of Canadian place names is limited. So, anyway this was up there in the Great White North. Cyclist hit by mirror serious This is pretty obviously a hit from behind wreck by a person that either did not know how close they were passing a bicyclist, or who did know and wanted to “teach her a lesson”. Standard hit-from-behind avoidance procedures apply to this wreck, watch your mirror, have an escape route and be ready to bail at any time either from the bike or to use your escape route.

A Ghost Bike was installed to commemorate a cyclist killed by a drunk driver. Ride Honors Avid Bicyclist There are factual errors in this report big enough for the entire TdF peloton to ride through, but I’ll let that pass to remember the man being honored. A greater honor would be the drunk driver being taken off the roads permanently.

And that’s all I have for you today, and I have to get tonight’s dinner started. We are having my famous beans and rice that take more then 5 hours to slow cook to perfection, and dinner starts at 7PM.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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