The Canuckistani have spoken, and their silence is deafening

OK all you up there in the Great White North, I asked you last week if you cared about my labeling the provinces west of and including Manitoba as Canuckistan, and Ontario and east as Canadia. Well the votes are in and the results are (drum roll): You don’t care enough to contact me about it.

So henceforth all of you from MB on to BC will be Canuckistani, and I will not be getting any of that free medical care up there in the GWN. It’s a rather long bike ride from TX to the Northern Border, so it’s not like I was going to get the free health care anyway even if I was made a citizen of Canada.

And Gigi was looking forward to wearing studded tires in the winter, not.

PSA, Opus


3 responses to “The Canuckistani have spoken, and their silence is deafening

  1. I suggest you label the province of Québec as “Québec”, and every other part of Canada as “Québecois Tributary/Vassal State”.


    • LOL! and prolonged bouts of giggling, too. Things have changed much in the Great White North since I lived there in the 1960s. At that time francophones were tolerated outside Quebec, but everyone was still expected to speak English. I’m watching the Winter Olympics sometimes, and the routine use of French above and beyond the amount called for by the Olympics organizing body frankly astounds me. I wonder what “Hockey Night in Canada” looks and sounds like now?


  2. Well, I’m fine with the status of French throughout the country, and have nothing against francophones or les Québecois, but I must say that the politics of Québec anger me at times.

    To be fair, it’s the fault of a flawed voting scheme
    that sends more separatists to Ottawa than is actually proportionate and the general attitude of appeasement. Its not that the Seppies say that they will separate if we do not lick their balls; its that our politicians will lick the balls of the Seppies of their own free will in a vain attempt to dissuade them from separating.

    Hockey Night looks more or less the same, but the rights to their iconic song were sold to TSN, I beleive.


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