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More death, destruction, mayhem, and updates, the Feed

We had a more typical Feed today, plus I threw in a non-cycling specific article just to show that the bigger the vehicle the bigger the problem on the roads to other users. We had some updates on earlier wrecks, and we have a RoS report that’s only about 4 months late.

Up first is a hit-and-run outside the nation’s capital. Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run in Gainesville The rider was hit sometime before 10PM and died the next morning. Speculation in the comments has the driver DUI, and will shave shower and put on a suit and tie before turning himself in with his lawyer and claiming to not have known he hit a person… To avoid a similar wreck use typical hit-from-behind tactics, mirror(s), escape route, and ready to use the escape route or to bail from the bike and let the bike do as much damage to the other vehicle as possible and hope you are clear of the carnage.

I wonder about any possible charges for a driver that left the road to hit a cyclist in TN. Bicyclist killed in Roane County crash This is a different county than the one that decided that just because a cyclist had reflective gear and bright blinking taillights you still didn’t actually have to avoid hitting the cyclist in compliance with the 3-foot passing law in the state. Also this driver didn’t just fail to pass safely, the cyclist was not even on the legal part of the road but on the shoulder. As someone pointed out in the comments section, had the driver used a .38 instead of a Tacoma they would have put him under the jail, instead of letting him wander around loose. He also would have been much less likely to have killed the cyclist, as gunshot wounds are only 9% fatal and at the posted speed limit for the road motor vehicles are approximately 98% fatal, add the 10 MPH “tolerance” and fatalities exceed 99%. For how to avoid, once again we have a hit-from-behind wreck, this time at high speed on a straight road with no oncoming traffic. Mirror(s), be ready to bail, etc. Having a video camera pointing backwards with solid state (memory chips) recording might be a good idea also. It won’t help you avoid the wreck but it might help the prosecution put away the driver that hits you.

Another report on the WI cyclist that dumped his bike at a relatively high speed and died in CO. Cyclist killed in Monument accident From reports that have come to me back-channel the cyclist hit some road debris and lost control of the front wheel, loose gravel is suspected. As loose gravel is pretty much the same color and texture as gravel that is part of the actual road surface particularly on roads that have been chip sealed, this becomes a very difficult wreck to avoid. The only thing I can suggest is to not ride faster than you want to hit the road with your body, not very constructive advice.

About all we know in this wreck was there was more than one vehicle involved, at least 3 perhaps more that didn’t actually hit anything, and that one vehicle prevented the 2 colliding vehicles from seeing each other until they hit. Once again the question is why the one motor vehicle did not stop when there was another vehicle stopped in the inside lane. Bicyclist injured in Tuesday Bemidji accident To avoid, don’t pull out into lanes where you can’t see clearly.

From the description of this wreck they are blaming the victim for actually trying to cross the road. Bicyclist Injured After Struck By Car At this point it is unknown if the cyclist entered the intersection on a green or yellow light or if he ran the red.

Mayhem and murder in Portland OR. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash in NE Portland Gotta love the comments section, people blaming the cyclist for the wreck because, well he was riding a bicycle in the street! What did he expect? From the initial description of the wreck sparse as it was this was probably another hit-from behind wreck. Read the other hit-from-behind wrecks again if you can’t remember what to do.

A wreck in UT they can’t figure out what happened, except the rider is dead. Bicyclist killed in Park City crash The rider may have been hit by a motor vehicle, but probably not as the other rider in front did not report hearing a motor vehicle. It’s a mystery… But not to the people commenting.

More on the wreck in VA. Car Kills Bicycle Rider slightly more information than the initial report yesterday Bicyclist Killed By Car ID’d updated report Killed cyclist was doctor, surprise-minded father was a separate comments section to both articles. There is speculation the driver in this case was on the cell either talking or texting and not paying attention to driving. Yet another hit-from-behind wreck! [sigh]

A cyclist is hit in the UK Cyclist injured after crash with car After all the US reports it’s almost nice to read a report that someone didn’t blame the cyclist for being a cyclist as the reason for the wreck…

They are having a bit of a wrangle over bike helmets in South Korea. Bike Helmet Bill Causing Stir There was some mis-information in the article (misinformation from a politician?) about the fines for not wearing a helmet, as well as places that mandate helmet wearing.

I know they are “slow” in AL, but really, how long ago was the RoS? The Ride of Silence The article mentioning the RoS is actually in response to a bike wreck from last week, so no Auburn jokes.

A running and road race for charity in far western NY. 1,500 cyclists, runners expected for Thater races If you’re in the area the Poet says “do this”. And have fun.

And even SUV drivers cringe at 40 ton trucks being driven by sleep-deprived Zombies. Trucks can make for a deadly harvest This would be a good time to ride somewhere else if you have that option and are not living in the area.

And that’s all I have today, I’m going to take a mental health trip and de-stress a bit.

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