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Still a Feed, just not very tasty

The Feed today was a bit nasty, with the car-heads out in force in the comments sections claiming the roads were built for cars with all the money coming from cars, bicyclists are stupid and suicidal, etc. It was enough to turn my stomach, but I have to read it because frequently there are things that witnesses report that don’t make it to the “official” report and they sometimes will tell people in the comments section on the article about whatever it was they witnessed.

Up first are multiple reports on a Delaware wreck. Bicyclist injured in DUI hit-and-run crash is the least sensational about it, and Driver charged after bicyclist struck Has more information on the charges and the condition of the driver at the time of his arrest. Comments were funny as many tried to blame the cyclist for not being on the road and getting hit anyway. And this update changes it from a wreck to a homicide. Cyclist, 16, Brain Dead After Car Crash Yes, the cyclist was not on the road and was hit by a drunk, stoned driver, and some of the comments tried to blame the cyclist. I wonder if they blame the woman for being raped? Or the bank teller for getting robbed? I also love the guy that claimed cycling was a hobby, not transportation. The rest of you can just not read the comments, better for your digestion if you don’t.

Multiple reports on a wreck in CO, from the same newspaper. Bicyclist killed east of Longmont and a later update Bicyclist killed in wreck identified No way of knowing if the cyclist was wearing reflective clothing (that’s the cyclist in that lump under the crime scene blanket) and what I could see of the bicycle I couldn’t even tell if that was the front or the back or if there were lights or reflectors on the bike. And this qualifies as a SWSS because of the claim the rider came off the shoulder into the lane of traffic.

A quick-thinking passenger saves the life of a former co-worker. Quick action saves injured cyclist in East Providence Witnesses reported the driver did not give clearance for the cyclist and only attempted to evade collision at the last second before impact. The wreck caused broken glass to injure the driver’s infant child in the back seat. This was entirely the driver’s fault for making an unsafe pass. To avoid such a wreck the usual hit-from-behind cautions apply: mirror(s), escape route, and be willing to let the bike inflict as much damage to the other vehicle as possible while you bail to the side away from the car or truck if there is no other way to avoid the wreck. Also wear a helmet, this wreck was a glancing blow at a low impact speed and a helmet would have prevented some of the injury in this wreck. Not the blunt force trauma to the torso, but surely the most serious of the head injuries could have been mitigated by even a CPSC Standard bicycle helmet. Had the cyclist been wearing my Bell Bellistic full face helmet, all he would have sustained would have been the blunt force trauma to the torso.

Another cyclist killed in the most deadly state in the US for cyclists. Cyclist killed in Fort Lauderdale crash Another hit-from-behind by what appears to be a drunk driver. The comments section is best to ignore. AAaanndd, typical hit-from-behind avoidance tactics.

First of 2 reports on wrecks from the Tribune in SLC. Bicyclist killed in Park City crash identified The Tribune and the Deseret News post their web and newspaper articles at different times, the Trib had some news on this posted to the web before the News, but the News got this one to the web first.

Second Trib post. Bicyclist killed after being hit, pinned by train I asked this before, but how do you not see/hear a train? The cyclist went around crossing arms to get hit, what can be done to prevent this? Augghh, the stupidity is just overwhelming.

More on the hit-and-run death in Portland. Portland police release name of bicyclist killed in hit-and-run Another hit-from-behind… and another hit-and-run.

More from Portland with a SUV hitting a cyclist, and apparently on purpose. Police investigate after cyclist injured in collision with SUV Not much you can do when the driver is trying to hit you with a deadly weapon…

More research on the causes of bicycle wrecks. Who Causes Cyclists’ Deaths? This study only applies to a single Canadian city, but the results are telling.

First of our infrastructure articles looks at the bike path next to a major highway with no physical barrier between the path and high speed motor vehicles where at least 2 and maybe more people have been killed by out of control motor vehicles that left the highway and ended up on the bike path. Hempstead town officials call for repairs to ‘deadly’ bike path before expanding it As I posted in an earlier article, had this been a regular motor vehicle road no way would they have built a low speed road next to a highway without a physical barrier between the two.

Our other infrastructure article is from Va. Beach. Virginia Beach faces uphill climb in call for more bike lanes I love the comments about roads being built for cars and bicycles should stay off when the discussion is using taxes from the general fund to pay for making the roads safe for bicycles. General fund, you know the money that comes from non-car sources, that bicyclists contribute to just like everybody else.

And that’s all I have today, I might have to take a mental health day tomorrow. Ordinarily I would have taken that mental health day today to ride the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred, but my legs were not up to riding that far so I didn’t go.

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Buying something with PayPal

My job with examiner.com requires I get paid via PayPal. I don’t get much, but when I try to spend it I can’t. Let me explain and then maybe someone can tell me what’s happening.

I tried to purchase a manual on making an electric motor from a junkyard alternator from a company on the web. I won’t name the company because I don’t think this is their problem. The item in question is $19.95 after all charges are added to the order, I indicate on the cart that I’m paying by PayPal, I get a PayPal logon screen with the amount of the purchase showing, I enter my PayPal password, and I get a screen asking for a credit card saying my balance is too low to purchase the item, which it isn’t, it’s a bunch more than $19.95 (well, not a bunch but more than the purchase amount plus what PayPal has as the maximum charged to transfer funds out of my account).

So, what gives? Am I being scammed? Is my hard-earned money stuck in PayPal’s claws forever? I put in a lot of hours for this pittance, and I want to buy stuff with it. I have been working for examiner.com since the end of February, I didn’t make enough to get paid until the end of July, and here it is the end of August and I still can’t enjoy the fruits of my labors (and anybody says writing ain’t work can come search the TX legislature listings for bills related to bicycles by doing word searches for “bicycle” and related terms and also for TX VC section numbers that concern bicycles, and for bunches of other things that might pertain to bicycles and e-assist or ICE assist bicycles (that only took me 14 hours to do over 2 days) and then write a cogent article about what you find. Lobbyists get paid $50-100K/annum for this, I got $0.27 for the day the article was published)

Anyway, to get back to the question, am I being scammed? If so, by whom? If it’s the company I was trying to buy stuff from, they will get it from both barrels because “Witch on a Bicycle” is not just the title of this blog, it’s a description of the author. Grrr!

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