Buying something with PayPal

My job with requires I get paid via PayPal. I don’t get much, but when I try to spend it I can’t. Let me explain and then maybe someone can tell me what’s happening.

I tried to purchase a manual on making an electric motor from a junkyard alternator from a company on the web. I won’t name the company because I don’t think this is their problem. The item in question is $19.95 after all charges are added to the order, I indicate on the cart that I’m paying by PayPal, I get a PayPal logon screen with the amount of the purchase showing, I enter my PayPal password, and I get a screen asking for a credit card saying my balance is too low to purchase the item, which it isn’t, it’s a bunch more than $19.95 (well, not a bunch but more than the purchase amount plus what PayPal has as the maximum charged to transfer funds out of my account).

So, what gives? Am I being scammed? Is my hard-earned money stuck in PayPal’s claws forever? I put in a lot of hours for this pittance, and I want to buy stuff with it. I have been working for since the end of February, I didn’t make enough to get paid until the end of July, and here it is the end of August and I still can’t enjoy the fruits of my labors (and anybody says writing ain’t work can come search the TX legislature listings for bills related to bicycles by doing word searches for “bicycle” and related terms and also for TX VC section numbers that concern bicycles, and for bunches of other things that might pertain to bicycles and e-assist or ICE assist bicycles (that only took me 14 hours to do over 2 days) and then write a cogent article about what you find. Lobbyists get paid $50-100K/annum for this, I got $0.27 for the day the article was published)

Anyway, to get back to the question, am I being scammed? If so, by whom? If it’s the company I was trying to buy stuff from, they will get it from both barrels because “Witch on a Bicycle” is not just the title of this blog, it’s a description of the author. Grrr!

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