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After my mental health day, I need a mental health day just from reading 2 days’ worth of Feed

Some days you just can’t win. I took a mental health day away from the blog to re-charge, re-lax, and re-cuperate, and after reading 2 days’ worth of Feed I’m re-volted, which has nothing to do with re-charging.

Anyway as part of my “mental health day” I took part in a class to find out how welcoming a person I am to the LGBT community. If the web comics I read are any indication about the only way to get more welcoming would be to become a transgendered lesbian. I had a list of comics that either had “out” LGBT main characters, LGBT storylines, or story arcs that featured LGBT themes, and the list of URLs went on for over a page. When I included the ones that the LGBT characters were just minor parts of the cast, the “lesbian friend” or the “gay friend” of one of the main characters, well we’re talking a very long list. More than half of the web comics I read regularly fall into the latter category, and all told about 3/4 have something to do with LGBT themes or characters. And I just thought I was a straight man 😉 😛

Mental health issues aside it was pretty bad out there over the weekend. Lots of dead and near-dead (talking in inches between death and walking away from the wreck, not lingering on life support) cyclists out there.

Up first because of geographical proximity is this report from near El Paso. Horizon City bicyclist killed by alleged drunk driver Of course you should know that El Paso is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Dallas. And from the description of the wreck the cyclist was about halfway to L.A. after the initial impact. Yet another hit-from-behind hit-and-run wreck even though they eventually caught the drunk that did it, still wasted on the booze. The bike appears to be a drop-bar roadie with skinny tires, and from the remains that’s about all I can tell, except that because the surviving portions of the frame are straight but not aligned with the other parts of the frame the bike had a Carbon Fiber frame. The damage to the other vehicle in the pictures suggests the impact was with the front part of the right fender and the windshield struck the cyclist’s head at a high rate of speed. To avoid, use standard hit-from-behind protocol, mirror(s), escape route and be willing to use the bicycle as a passive weapon against the aggressor’s vehicle. Steel frames especially are good at inflicting disabling damage against a vehicle when they go under but still upright, the seat tube of a WalMart BSO can go right through the floorboards of a Hummer 😉

A terrible wreck, with multiple reports. Iowa cyclist killed in crash and UPDATE: Authorities identify cyclist killed near Cumming also Friends Remember Bicyclist Killed This is a terrible wreck, a true crime, and yet many of the people commenting on it are saying that bikes should be banned from IA highways. News Flash- it wasn’t a bicyclist that killed a guy in a pickup truck and fled the scene, if any vehicles are to be banned it should be the ones doing all the killing, both slowly by obesity and pollution, and quickly by collision. I’ll miss cars… I really did like them, but they just had too many problems to deal with in the long run.

Speaking of killing and destroying things with cars, one left the road and hit another cyclist. Cyclist injured in collision Standard hit-from-behind advice on this one: Mirror(s), escape route, and willing to use it at any time…

And in a terrible wreck (again) we get a SWSS. Longmont cyclist killed on Colo. 119 In the comments section they quote the police report that the cyclist was drunk and on drugs… Don’t drink and ride.

And another WMD-mobile takes out a cyclist in VT. Putney cyclist injured in crash with SUV Fortunately this wreck was not fatal or even seriously injuring. Since they didn’t mention how the cyclist got hit except that the driver hit the cyclist with a 1996 Jeep, I can’t offer any advice except maybe to avoid riding a bike in VT anywhere if possible. The comments indicate the roads are not very safe, even where they are relatively good, “good” in this case being a very relative term.

Another cyclist obeying the laws gets clobbered in IA. Teen cyclist injured in crash with van Wet weather contributed to this wreck, remember wet weather will increase you stopping distance and reduce your visibility, both the distance that you can see and how well, and how well others can see you. Ride accordingly.

And what has to be one of the worst cases of adding insult to injury, a cyclist hit in a crosswalk while waiting for a red light sees her bike destroyed and gets injured herself, and is only offered $10 for her Trek hybrid. Minneapolis cyclist left in the dust The cyclist was hit by a city bus that then backed up to get untangled from the bike and drove off without stopping to render aid. The driver was fired, but the cyclist is getting no joy from the insurance carrier. I would like to see the insurance guy that offered the $10 buy a Trek, any Trek, in ridable condition for that amount of money. To avoid a similar wreck, don’t wait in the crosswalk for the light to change, move into the lane with the cars so they can see you and not hit you.

A bicycle speed limit in Nashville TN. Nashville parks enforce bicycle speed limit as walkers, cyclists clash Interesting that when bicyclists are at risk there isn’t enough money to do anything about it, but they seem to find the money to harass and set speed traps against cyclists.

They had a CM up in the Great White North. Mass ride celebrates pedal power While I’m not a fan of Critical Mass, I can see the need for it in areas that are not bicycle friendly. I was busy doing work at church when they had the first CM in Dallas in at least 20 years if ever.

First of a batch of UK reports. Cyclist seriously injured in South Lakes collision The driver of the Mini was uninjured, really?

And another one. Injured cyclist has lucky escape Need I add that I hate hit-and-run drivers even when they are half a continent and an ocean away?

And even now relatives are requesting witnesses to a fatal bike wreck in London. Family of woman cyclist killed at Oval in June issues witness appeal The wreck was a terrible tragedy, and the information blackout caused by UK media laws makes it worse.

And that’s all I have today, sorry for it being so late, most of you won’t even see this until Tuesday, because it’s almost Tuesday as I type this in 😛

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