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The day after my Death Day, another Feed

Yes, I almost forgot to post that yesterday was the anniversary of my near (?) death experience at the hands (wheels?) of a deranged psychopath with a truck and a grudge against cyclists. I guess I could have taken another mental health day and just ignored both Sunday’s and Monday’s Feeds, it would probably been better for my disposition to have taken the time off away from bike wrecks, but I have found that there isn’t a whole lot that I can do about my disposition short of pharmaceutical intervention. I have found that anti-depressants help but are also out of my budget. I don’t know which is worse, having a problem and not knowing how to make it better, or knowing what will make it better and not being able to afford it. Also if anyone knows of a “ranged” psychopath as opposed to the deranged kind, could you leave a comment to this post in my blog?

Up first is a call for the driver that killed a cyclist in IA with a reward for his capture. Search continues for truck that hit bicyclist I would offer 10 minutes free time with a U lock or frame pump (they used to make those things like police batons!) when they catch the guy, but that’s because the guy that tried to kill me got away with it and I’m still Not Happy about it. And for all the cyclist haters on the comment section, the simple solution that would make money for state and local governments would be a 35 MPH speed limit on state and county roads that were not limited access, with high fines and NO TOLERANCE, if you go 36 MPH you get zapped with a large fine. Just think of it as my small contribution to safety and balancing the budgets.

A wreck that might be a hit-and-run, might not. Injured cyclist can’t recall Palo Alto bike accident At this point they know the cyclist was injured and semi-conscious when found, and there were signs that could indicate another vehicle was involved but could just as easily be interpreted the other way.

Sometimes it seems like nobody cares about us except us, witness this article on Streetsblogs that so far hasn’t been picked up by other media outlets. Cyclist Injured in Collision on Jay Street This Morning Even the commenters were a little upset at the lack of coverage and definitive answers as to what happened.

A cyclist killed by a distracted driver will get zero justice from the state Of AL. No Charges to be Filed in Serrano Death Not even a ticket for killing another human being, even a dog gets better treatment than that…

A rare case of a bicyclist killed in collision with another cyclist, in MN. Excelsior speech therapist hurt in bike collision dies This is so rare a situation that the NHTSA doesn’t even have annual statistics on it.

And a bizarre report coming from Toronto sounds like a scene from an action movie rather than something that happened in Real Lifetm. Convertible sped away as cyclist hung on The driver crossed the road into oncoming traffic and went on the sidewalk to hit trees and sign posts to knock the cyclist off? Had I been the cyclist when this “stuff” started going down I would have been whaling on the driver’s head (if within reach) to get it (can’t call this a human being) to stop. Even after hitting all that the driver ran over the cyclist after he fell off the car before leaving. To be honest I wouldn’t know where to begin with the charges in TX, much less up there in Canadia… I mean he could have just stopped to let the cyclist get off the car instead of using the car as a weapon to “wipe” the cyclist off with trees and sign posts. So, maybe attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, or maybe an act of terrorism? And throw in some driving to endanger charges of some kind… And does Canada have a Driving While Stupid law? That would apply here too.

The removal without warning of a Ghost Bike Has DC residents upset, even those that don’t like bikes. Mean streets: Ghosted bike and Family Demands Answers About Missing Memorial A few area business complained and the memorial is gone without notifying the relatives of the person being honored so they can remove it on their own? Do you know what the definition is of a fascist state? It’s government of business, by business and for business, not simply totalitarian or right-wing or anything else. It’s business speaks, the government obeys, kind of like what happened here…

The rhetorical war is ongoing as the physical casualties start stacking up in FL, the deadliest state in the US for cyclists. Bicycle riders and motorists fight to share the coastal roads in Palm Beach County I’m a little biased about this, but until there is no general fund money going to build or maintain roads and every cent comes from cars including additional money to pay back general fund money spent building and maintaining roads, people that drive cars have no business acting like they own the roads just because they own a car.

A writer for the student paper at U of I requests accommodation between all users of the sidewalks between buildings on campus whether they ride a bike, walk, or use a skateboard. Our view: Walkers beware The headline isn’t accurate to what the article says, but is good advice anyway.

And a MO town tries to do something about cars and bicycles on the same roads. Columbia’s bicyclist-motorist divide is narrowing Some are still not with the program as witnessed by the comments, but after a stint in the re-education camps I’m sure they will be amenable to co-operation. 😉

And that’s it for today, maybe more if I feel like it, after some recuperation and recovery. I have reached my limit of stupid for the day.

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