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Interesting stats, not so the wrecks, the Feed

Well I have had some interesting visitors this week, judging by the people using Google Translate to view my site. One was reading the site in Mandarin, and another in what looked like either Finnish or Icelandic. Well since I don’t work in any languages other than English (I can read Spanish and understand it when I hear it, but I can’t write or converse in Spanish any more since the wreck) if you want me in your native tongue you’ll have to use one of the translation engines on the web. But you’re welcome here anyway, I’m not paying for the bandwidth. 🙂

More on the wreck in Tulsa. Cyclists pay tribute to one of their own and Cyclist Killed.. What’s Next For Suspect My personal feeling on the subject of what to do with the vile perp that had zero business on the roads have nothing to do with his immigration status and everything to do with his other illegal activities involving motor vehicles: let him die in prison and bury him there, the sooner the better. I won’t even allow him the benefit of death by lethal kitten. Let him find his own food when he gets to prison… and yes I’m angry about this.

And as if they don’t have enough on their plates in Toronto, another cyclist is killed. Toronto cyclist killed by streetcar Hey guys? Streetcars are confined to run on rails like trains and obey signals like cars and other road vehicles, they’re big and easy to see, SO STOP RUNNING INTO THEM!! Seriously, we have had this discussion every time someone pulls a bonehead move into a train or streetcar but in spite of my being an internationally recognized expert on the field y’all ain’t listening and are getting hit or running into the things anyway. It’s not rocket science to avoid getting hit by vehicles on a rail system, really.

Multiple reports on a WA man hit in a wreck. First the police blotter. NEWS FROM AROUND THE REGION FOR 9/3/09 provided by the Associated Press and then the update from his local paper Injured cyclist recovering in Seattle hospital The cyclist was hit while stopped and signaling for a left turn, a totally non-avoidable wreck for the cyclist. not so for the driver that hit him and left the scene. The driver needs to be flogged with bicycle chains then rubbed with salt and alcohol so as not to get infections, then spend his next 2 lifetimes in jail being chewed by rats and cockroaches. Then after that we can really start to punish him.

If you have a crazy uncle or cousin that lives in CA and hasn’t checked in lately try calling these folks. Authorities stills searching for family of bicyclist killed in Watsonville Still blaming the victim for wearing a cowboy hat instead of a helmet in the hot sun, instead of blaming the driver of the Mercedes that hit-and-run and killed him. Besides even if he had been wearing a helmet that prevented all possible head injury, he would have died from blunt trauma to the abdomen.

Not sure of where to put this report, so I put it here. Cyclists entitled to whole lane, bicycle cop says Well at least one cop in North America gets it, several thousand to go…

A cyclist is assaulted on a path reserved for non-motorized travel in the UK. Woman cyclist injured in North Oxford attack Can’t ride on the roads, can’t ride on the MUP, can’t ride on the sidewalks, can’t ride anywhere without someone taking offense at a cyclist being there. To quote my elder daughter, “I hate people.”

A cyclist is killed in a wreck caused by a road surface defect, and what do they blame? The cyclist’s lack of a helmet! Cyclist killed in Lower Austria If you read my blog you know I strongly recommend wearing a helmet, am strongly against mandatory helmet wearing, and also repeatedly remind people that helmets can only do so much.

More lawyer stuff about a bike wreck a while ago with a U-Haul truck. Massachusetts bicyclist injured by U-Haul moving vehicle This has got to stop, just because you have a license to drive a car doesn’t mean you have the ability to drive a moving van. I am signed off to fly a J-3 Cub, but in order to fly a Cessna 150 I would need to get signed off on that, too. Why can’t we do that with land vehicles as well? The driver of the truck broke down at the scene and sobbed about not being able to see the victim, some training about blind spots and fields of vision might have prevented this wreck.

More on the killer bike path in LI NY. Community Pushes for Safer Area Between Bike Path and Wantagh Parkway As I have said if this was a regular surface street that went parallel to the highway there would have been a barrier between the two from the beginning.

Pople are getting killed because drivers are ignoring the law requiring a 3-foot separation when passing or are just deliberately trying to kill cyclists, so what do “The People” have to say? Tell us what you think: Cyclist safety and sharing the road Sure ask the boneheads that don’t even know the laws about bicycles to decide what to do…

Another infrastructure article on wrecks in the same area a cyclist was killed on a bike path. Before cyclist’s death, a series of warnings Some warning signs on the trail would have been nice, as well as a little light in the tunnel so that people could see. Bicycles don’t have their headlight switches where they can be activated when a cyclist enters a dark tunnel, so additional lighting for sudden changes in shade are helpful.

A really big bike ride is a little less festive this year. West Jeff Ox Roast Bicycle Tour set for 20th ride Yeah a major figure getting killed will put a damper on your festivities.

The family of a man killed while riding a bicycle by a person performing an illegal U-turn is suing the driver and the driver’s employer who owned the van. Family of bicyclist killed in Ballard crash sues This would be another good place to not read the comments section.

And that’s all I have for you today, I might be out tomorrow so there might not be a post for Saturday.

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