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A sparse Feed, but it gets me out of the house

And yes I know the headline didn’t make any sense. Life seldom makes sense, but we live it anyway.

Up first today is a stupid article that celebrates a helmet that failed in use preventing the cyclist from serious injury. Helmet protects cyclist in crash from injury A helmet that breaks in 2 did not protect the user, it failed in use. Helmets protect by crushing to absorb impact, when it breaks it has absorbed no impact energy and is no longer in position to provide any protection.

Someone looking at statistics draws a stupid conclusion. Fury over ‘bicycles killed more people than terrorism’ statement in Daily Telegraph Someone looking at bike wreck stats preceding and following the bombing of the London Underground by terrorists concludes that people avoiding the Tube after the bombing died by bicycles more than the number of people killed in the bombings, which was a total fallacy. There were more people injured immediately after the bombing as thousands of people not used to commuting by bicycle suddenly began using bicycles to get around while the Tube was shut down for repairs. Interestingly enough it seems most of the people who couldn’t use the Underground to commute went to surface public transit or they rode bicycles, as the number of car wrecks did not change appreciably after the bombing.

Also from the UK is a hit-and-run against a cyclist by a student driver out without an adult in the car. Cyclist injured in Bounds Green Road crash Not your typical UK wreck story, it actually gave some information about who might be at fault in the wreck, but it still didn’t give any information about how to avoid the wreck.

And the final story for this Saturday is about handcyclists that rode the RAAM and came in under the time limit. Handcycling team completes a record 3,000-mile race across the U.S. My examiner.com colleague from NY wrote a good story about people suffering horribly for their sport. They can suffer all they want, you won’t catch me riding 500 miles in one day 😉 😛

And that’s all I have today. I have a funeral to attend, one of my friends died yesterday and we are going to memorialize him tonight. I will have to help set up the church for the service so I have to leave shortly after lunch to do it.

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