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A nice Sunday Feed

We had a heck of a funeral for one of our church members last night, and we had a very bicycle wreck-free Feed when I got home from church this afternoon. You lose, but sometimes you win a little. I do feel sorry for all those injured bull riders, especially the guy that got his face stepped on by almost a ton of bull, but better you guys than a bicycle rider getting hit by 2 tons of raging SUV+driver.

Opening the post is a wreck where the driver just didn’t give any room while passing a cyclist in the curb lane, if I’m interpreting the report correctly. Bicyclist killed on overpass and Muskegon bicyclist killed in traffic accident I really could use more information about this one, but it appears the bicycle was legally equipped for night use. The comment about requiring insurance to use a bicycle on the roads was inane.

The only grazed one in the deadliest state in the US for riding a bicycle. Cyclist hit, injured by suspected drunk driver The driver was awaiting trial for a 4th DUI charge when he hit the cyclist while driving drunk for the 5th time. There has to be something done about drunk drivers. This is not a cyclist issue, this is a road users issue. Sure we who ride human powered vehicles have more to lose when we “meet” a drunk driver because we don’t have tons of steel and plastic with air bags and computer-designed crumple zones, but even those who have those don’t always survive a “meeting” with a drunk driver. I don’t know whether to tell you the standard mirror(s), escape route, and be willing to bail off the bike, or to tell you to have a rear facing Uzi mounted on the bike with a remote trigger on the handlebars. each seems equally futile. At least with the rear-facing Uzi you can get your licks in before they get you, but the other advice might keep you alive. But as my wife says neither will prevent some Goomba from getting you if he’s drunk enough or stupid enough to try to hit you.

And another cyclist was also SWCC as the cyclist was “in the median” before getting hit. This is still in FL. Bicyclist still in critical condition; police seek his family Sure the guy was standing in the median waiting for a car to come by so he could jump in front of it, and the driver didn’t just ignore he guy until she hit him.

In the first of our aftermath reports, they put up a Ghost Bike in Tulsa. Ghost Bike Honors Bicyclist Killed In Tulsa As someone said to me the bike probably won’t last long, but it’s the thought that counts.

In the second story the father of the cyclist killed by the former AG for the Province of Ontario has claimed the body of his son. Father of cyclist killed in crash in Toronto to take son’s body back to Alta. I have said all I’m going to say on this, except I hope the driver’s PR firm chokes to death on all the astroturf they have created in this mess. The calculated dragging the victim’s reputation through the mud in an attempt to de-humanize him and diminish the severity of the crime committed is in itself criminal.

And that’s it for today.

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