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A late holiday Feed

Sorry the post was a little late today, but I was enjoying the holiday on TV watching the US Nationals drag race. I also did some work on the Beer View Mirrors for the Bellistic helmet, cutting the spoke nipples to size and notching the edge to accept the spoke that will become the strut that the mirror hangs from the helmet by. Eventually I will be able to do without the mirror I hang from my glasses that pulls the glasses down and blocks my nose from breathing. 😛

Up first is a report from down the road in Houston where they are having a hit-and-run epidemic. Unrelated crashes kill cyclist, injure boy The cyclist was killed in a hit from behind crash, standard advice here because we don’t know if it was intentional or caused by a lack of smarts on the part of the driver: mirror(s), have an escape route, and be ready to bail either to the escape route, or from the bike to let the bike inflict as much damage to the attacker’s vehicle as possible.

Another hit-and-run in NC injures a cyclist. Cyclist Injured After Being Hit By Pickup Truck I find it amusing that witnesses report the truck swerved into the path of the cyclist. Now understand I’m not ROFL about this, more of a wry smirk at the irony of the table being turned on the SWSS scenario. The differences on this is the truck turned, there were multiple witnesses, and the swerver was not killed. Basically what this is is a hit-from-behind that might have been deliberate assault from the description from the witnesses, standard advice applies, but from the description there might not have been enough time to dodge this or to bail from the bike unless you happened to be watching the swerve happen. The driver is facing multiple charges.

A hit-and-run in Hong Kong. Police seek info after cyclist found injured Other than that they don’t know much about what happened as the only witness was the semi-conscious cyclist. I couldn’t even tell you which direction the cyclist was traveling or that of the vehicle that hit him.

And a bit of good news in a small sea of bad. Benefit raises $2,500 for injured cyclist I know the way things go after a wreck, you get, well I would say “nickled and dimed” but the more accurate description is “$50 here, $100 there” of co-pays, pretty soon you don’t have $2 for a Coke and french fries from McDonald’s for lunch when you’re out going to the doctor’s offices.

And that’s all I have tonight.

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