Jerry Lewis is still alive? And the post Labor Day Feed

I saw the article in the paper this morning about the MDA Telethon and how donations were off because of the economy, and I was like “Jerry Lewis is still alive?” Sometimes you just forget things when you get old, like the MDA Telethon on Labor Day. Thirty-some years ago I never missed watching the telethon, now I don’t see it and I don’t miss it either. I guess seeing people who used to be athletes killed and crippled by cars changes how you think about diseases. I guess being crippled by a car changes you even more.

The only wreck story from North America today is a guy that fell off a MTB trail and they had to use a helicopter to get him out to an ambulance. CHP helicopter rescues injured bicyclist When you ride MTB stay on the trails, sometimes it is a long way down once you leave the trail. Also, wear a helmet when you ride MTB as the kinds of wrecks that are most likely to happen are the ones the helmet is designed to protect you from. Just don’t expect to run head first into a tree on a 50 MPH downhill and walk away from it.

The other wreck in today’s Feed was in Jolly Olde. Workmen try to help badly injured cyclist Since this particular paper loves to make hay out of cyclists not wearing helmets and in spite of the severe head injury the helmet status was never mentioned I would feel pretty safe in saying that this wreck was one that was a bit over 12.5 MPH or the UK standard of 20 km/hr. but aside from that there isn’t much I can tell you about this wreck.

In the opinion wars, drivers continue to hold cyclists to high standards while excusing their own behavior. Driver reminds bicyclists to always do the right thing And I’m sure that there was never any real need for red-light cameras or speed cameras because all drivers are so law abiding.

More animosity over the road rage incident in Toronto with the former AG. In Toronto, Bike-Car Road Rage Escalates Video linked in the comments section clearly shows the cyclist in this case being hit from behind and then rolling over the hood of the car and grabbing the car door to keep from falling under the wheels. And some idiot in the comments section brought up the “car tax” issue strawman. In the US car taxes at the current levels will not even pay to maintain the existing roads, without subsidy from the general funds, much less pay for new roads.

And finally another infrastructure article from South Korea where they are discovering that their infrastructure choices since the war left them with no safe place to ride bicycles now that they have to ride bicycles because of the economy. As South Korea Pushes for Cycling, Safety Questions Remain Build in haste, repent at leisure, or in this case repent at traffic jam.

And that’s it for today, just a note that tomorrow’s post will be late as I have a morning meeting with NCTCOG at the Allen City Hall that will not see me home before 2PM if that soon.

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