Note to my kids and well-wishers, I have a birthday coming up :)

Yep, I’m about to celebrate another successful trip around the sun without dieing (again, did that once about 8 years ago, wasn’t impressed).

As a guy living on the ragged edge I have needs, among those needs are doing something about those ragged edges. I could use some replacements for my long sleeve jerseys like these Pocket Long Sleeve ‘Moisture-Wick’ T-Shirt ANSI Compliant High Visibility Shirts Safety Clothing ANSI / ISEA 107-2004 Compliant in ANSI Lime Green. You wouldn’t want people to not see me while I’m riding this winter, would you? BTW that’s size XL this time, I have lost weight, a little.

And to help when I signal my intentions at night while riding my bike a set of these Traffic Gloves in Large would help people see what I’m going to do next. And by buying both in the same order you save on shipping costs.

After more than 6 years and thousands of miles of faithful service my Cateye Mity8 bicycle computer is falling apart, the buttons that reset and change modes are falling apart to be precise the computer part is still working like a champ. Perhaps another one would fill the figurative shoes of its predecessor? You can get one here Cat Eye Mity 8 Cyclocomputer for a minimal amount of $$.

Now if even the cost of the Mity8 is too dear there might be some of these Vetta RT55HD Cyclocomputer w/ Heavy-Duty Mount left in stock at the Performance web site.

I also need a new rear tire for Gigi, it can be inexpensive like Forté Metro Road and MTB Tires 26 X 1.5″ or more expensive and a little faster rolling this one Geax Street Runner MTB Tire costs a little more but it’s worth it.

And my mighty legs 😉 have rendered my pedals Hors d’ Combat, I have destroyed 3 sets of the cheapy pedals so far, one by crushing a bearing, and 2 by ripping the cages off of the body, so I need to either get a metal bending brake Used Press Brake or a new set of platform pedals from Performance Forté M1 Pedal or Forté ATB Comp Pedal I don’t know which is stronger.

And that’s pretty much it unless you happen to have a kit for a 27 T-bucket laying around the garage, I was needing a project 😉

PSA Opus


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