Daily Archives: September 10, 2009

Running late again but still a Feed

I had stuff to do during the day again so the post is late, but it’s here.

First up is another report on the cyclist killed in the hit-and-run in Houston over the weekend, this report gives the cyclist a name. Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run If you know anything about this wreck contact the authorities listed in the article, but to be honest if you knew anything about this wreck and you read my blog then you probably already contacted the proper authorities.

LEO have found the vehicle used to kill a cyclist in a hit-and-run. Hit-and-run truck believed found in Winterset Mark Grgurich will rest more easily when his killer is found and arrested. From what I have read in the media I firmly believe that this was an assault, maybe not intended to kill, but an assault never the less.

Another report on the wreck in BC that killed a cyclist this week. Cyclist killed on Mons Road Almost word for word like the other report this week except the parts about the people that cared for the cyclist after the wreck, but still nothing about how the wreck happened.

You can’t keep a good memorial down. Bicycle Memorials Reappear in the District So did you want one Ghost Bike or 22? or maybe 44?

An interview with the new Head Cop in SF CA. Streetscast: An Interview with San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón There’s a lot of meat here if you know where to dig, it’s a good read.

And an infrastructure article about pedicabs. Pedicab Wars Gee, exploiting foreign workers in CA? Whodathunkit?