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No I didn’t forget today is 9/11, plus the Feed

I’m fully aware that today is 9/11, but to be brutally honest it doesn’t mean much to me. You see when the towers fell I was in hospital recovering from a terrorist attack of my own, where a homicidal maniac decided I shouldn’t be riding my bicycle on the street even though it was having no impact on him whatsoever as he went the opposite way on the other side of a grassy median. He just went to the end of the block and whipped a U-turn around the median and drove back and hit me at something between the speed limit of 45 and the normal rate of travel in that area 65 MPH. So while I was in bed watching the towers fall I was waiting for the skin graft to “take” over where the pressure wave from the front bumper of the truck hitting my leg had blown the skin and chunks of muscle away on the opposite side of the leg. This was after they decided I was going to keep that leg, as it was pretty mangled. And I was waiting to see if the nerve damage would prevent me from walking again, or just leave me with a permanent limp, and wondering if the repairs to my hip would hold or the ball would die and crumble and I would need a “Bo Jackson” in my hip.

So, while I’m angry about people who used airplanes as man-guided missiles against civilian targets with civilians on board, terrorists got me first. And I didn’t even make the paper or the evening news. Even I still think they should just nuke the area that’s hiding bin Laden until it’s a glassy lump, and I don’t care that much about the attack, compared to others I know.

There wasn’t much about bicycles in the Feed today but there was some stuff, not much. Up first is a report about a cyclist rear-ending a mail truck. Bicyclist critically injured after collision Really, how can we expect people in cars to see us when we can’t even keep from hitting a mail truck? Even the tiny ones are way bigger than a bicycle with brighter blinky lights not to mention more of them, 2 or 4 compared to the one we usually carry. To avoid this kind of wreck, watch where you’re going. Is everyone in FL on stupid pills or something? 😛

A report with a chilling picture and a clear warning to cyclists. Bicyclist injured The cyclist ran a stop sign and got hit. Fortunately only his bike ended up under the tires of the SUV, but still that picture gives me the chills. To avoid, LOOK when you get to a stop sign, and make sure oncoming traffic also has to stop before proceeding through the intersection. You don’t have to stop, but you do have to LOOK, and SEE!

In not-so-jolly Jolly Olde a 15 YO cyclist is hit by an unlicensed driver behind the wheel of an unregistered car. Cyclist, 15, injured in car collision Not much more I can say about the wreck because of UK media laws.

In Oz a cyclist who injured another cyclist while driving drunk is sentenced. Top cyclist Jongewaard jailed over hit-run Really, a cyclist that spends as much time on the roads training as he did should have known better than to drink and drive, and who did he hit but his training partner, the guy he rode with on the roads.

A 9/11 article about bicycles. A 9/11 bicycle ride to honor those who can’t anymore Want to help stop terrorism? Ride your bike. You won’t burn any oil and your freedoms including the right to ride the roads will drive the terrorists nuts.

Finally a case of overreacting to a perceived danger while ignoring the real danger. It’s time to put the brakes on rogue bicycle riding Apparently he knows someone that died as a result of getting hit by a bicycle and doesn’t know any of the hundreds of people killed in NYC every year by getting hit by cars or trucks, but bicycles kill an average of one (1) person a year in NYC, while cars kill twice that in a week. People getting hit by cars and trucks just fades into the background noise, but a person getting killed by a bicycle that’s a clear and present danger because it’s novel and unusual. And some people need coats that fasten in the back, with really long sleeves. 😛 XP (that is supposed to be a puking smiley)

All I have today.

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