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I missed a day doing other things, but now I’m back with the Feed

I was out yesterday working Pagan Pride Day, my church had the opening ritual and we had to stay until the end to take down the sacred space that protected the gathering. Like I keep posting here, Witch on a Bicycle is not just a catchy blog title but an accurate description of the author.

While I was out the reports still came in so I have a weekday size post from 2 weekend Feeds. Up first comes 2 reports on the funeral for the cyclist Darcy Sheppard killed by a high-ranking politician in a bizarre confrontation caught by security cameras that ended in the deliberate killing of the cyclist by smashing his body into a stationary object. Aboriginal ceremony to honour cyclist killed in confrontation and Alberta funeral Friday for cyclist killed after Toronto altercation and Cyclists gather to mourn I have said all I’m going to say about this wreck, but the bicycle chain whips are ready for the flogging, as are the salt rubs and alcohol sprays so the waste of human skin doesn’t get any infections. 😛

Another waste of skin takes out 2 cyclists in IL. Bicyclist Killed in Hit and Run The guy hit 2 cyclists and drove off like he didn’t know anything. Get the sealed room and the kittens, this guy is scum. I don’t know anything about how the wreck happened so I can’t say how to avoid a similar wreck.

More reports on the guy that ran into the back of a mail truck while the driver was stopped putting mail in a mailbox. Cyclist critically injured after collision with mail truck and Bike rider critical after crashing into mail truck As I posted here before, how can you miss a mail truck or in this case fail to miss it?

Something made a cyclist fall and he was hit by a truck. Cyclist Hit By Truck, Killed In Edmond I still don’t know what initiated the crash, but according to the report the cyclist fell first and then the truck hit him, as reported by several witnesses including an 8 YO.

Another single vehicle bicycle wreck in IA. Iowa cyclist dies while riding at state park Again, this is a wreck that something else happened that nobody is saying.

Something happened to somebody, and somebody else got arrested for it, but nobody is saying anything about who did what to whom. Bicyclist injured in hit and run Ooohhh! They went to the driver’s home and gave him a ticket! Not arrested for hit-and-run, or assault with a deadly weapon, but given a ticket. TANJ!

The kind of hit-and-run that you just have to deal with. Prayers for Richard “The Rock” Burton, critically injured in lightning strike yesterday You can’t outrun lightning, can’t dodge it, can’t outthink it, it’s just a force of nature you have to deal with.

The first of several reports from the UK. Cyclist killed in road accident

More from Jolly Olde. Cyclist killed in Devon crash named Another 2 bicycle crash, on the other side of the pond.

Another multi-bicycle involved wreck in the UK. Cyclist killed in Windsor collision

Yet another multi-bicycle wreck in the UK. Driver bailed over cyclist death

Tensions are running high in Yakima. Cars and bike riders must stay alert This article doesn’t say anything I don’t tell you at least twice a post in this blog, except for the hostile comments from car drivers.

The right way to ride a bike, according to the law. Eckert: Right way is the only way to ride a bike An expanded form of advice I get to post several times a week.

Another article on the ghost bike problem in DC. Cyclists Wage Battle Over Ghost Bikes I understand the emotions behind this, but I’m not sure how the politics is going to play out.

And that’s all I have this weekend. More later.

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