Almost on time today, the Feed

Yes I’m almost on time today with your daily dose of road rage, insanity, and just plain stupidity. I have an appointment with the lab rat keeper tomorrow so the next posting will probably be late 😦

Up first because it’s the clos4est thing we have to good news today is a multiple report story from Va. Beach VA. Cyclist’s fall from bridge ends in a lucky break and Cyclist falls from 50 ft. bridge Ignore the comments from the first article. This wreck illustrates the dangers of riding in a peloton outside of a racing situation, and also one of the quandaries of bicycle racing: you need experience to ride in a peloton safely, and the only way to get experience is to ride in a dangerous peloton. It’s like the entry-level job that requires 2 years of experience.

Multiple reports on a right hook hit-and-run in the deadliest state in the US for cyclists. Bicyclist In Stable Condition After Hit and Run and Cyclist hospitalized after being run over The driver in this case was on the bottom end of the bell curve, leaving the car and attempting to escape on foot. This guy is just so stupid I think the death by kittens would be beneficial rather than a punishment, “Aww sooo cuuuute!” THUD. Put him out of our misery. Because this was both a right hook and an intentional assault (the driver ran the cyclist over in reverse after the right hook) I would classify this as an unavoidable wreck.

And a cyclist is hit-and-run in the Great White North for our final North American article. Man charged in hit and run, cyclist seriously injured At least they caught the guy that was driving the pickup truck, but I don’t think that would have happened had the driver not returned to the scene of the crime. Standard hit-from-behind on this one: Mirror(s), escape route, and willing to bail either to the escape route or from the bike.

From Jolly Olde they hit another guy on a bike, actual details of the wreck sometime next year. Cyclist injured in crash near Hailsham Another cyclist hitting a postal delivery vehicle, only in the UK this time. And wonder of wonders the driver of the mail van was uninjured in the grisly spectacle. 😛

And an article from Austin, down the road a piece from WoB World Headquarters, on alternative frame materials. Steel is real, but there are more options than you realize I prefer to work with steel when I build a bike. I have used “alternative” frame materials including wood and composites, but I haven’t tried bamboo yet.

And that’s all for today, again I will be posting late tomorrow because of reporting in to the lab rat keeper.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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