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Heavy traffic in my blog and on the roads

Lots of clicks this week, from all over. Folks in DC seem to like a certain post in my blog… Anyway I have had my two busiest days in the history of this blog this week since I made a post suggesting a way to counter the losses inflicted by hit-and-run drivers, and there are a number of you just coming here on your own without the benefit of a link or a search engine. Fortunately I’m not paying for the bandwidth or I would be in trouble 😉

Up first is the continuing saga of the teacher hit-and-run by a former student of the school where he taught. Suspect in crash that killed popular teacher had suspended license and High School Teacher Killed In Hit-And-Run is a report that didn’t make the Feed when it came out. The surprising thing is after it was revealed that the teacher was hit by someone driving on a suspended license and with a criminal record how many people made comments about using the death penalty. I guess when it’s a white woman who kills a cyclist it’s the cyclist’s fault for being there to get hit, but if a man of color with a record kills a cyclist then fry him because he never deserved to live? I seriously don’t understand people. If you go off the road to kill a cyclist, then you deserve to die like any other murderer no matter what color your skin or what genitalia you pack, that means women too. No getting away with murder on the streets just because you posses a vagina or pale skin.

Another salmon cyclist gets hit. Bicyclist injured in Pleasantville OK so he wasn’t on the road and may have been trying to get to the correct side of the road, but he was still riding against the flow of traffic and got hit. To avoid, don’t salmon, ride with the flow of traffic in the same direction as cars and trucks. Drivers don’t look in the direction cars don’t come from when checking to see if the way is clear. They don’t check to see if there is anything in front of their vehicles when they stop and then start back up. Face it drivers are as bright as a box of rocks 90% of the time and they get away with it because certain behaviors have become ingrained into our society when we are around motor vehicles.

Another motor vehicle fails to clear a bicycle with right of way because they were in a hurry and the bicycle was slow. Morning Report: Boy, 2, injured in Oxnard crash The kid was in a trailer behind a bicycle that was hit in an intersection by a left-turning motor vehicle. I don’t understand this CA law requires motor vehicles to wait until all oncoming traffic has cleared before they move, but this driver hit the bicycle and the trailer while making the turn. This is a clear violation of right of way. What is astounding (again) was the comments were almost 100% in support of the cyclist and his kid, with a number of comments about the age of the driver being a factor. Now, how to avoid, this was a wreck that your survival depends entirely on the driver of the motor vehicle obeying the law and not turning until you clear the intersection. You might avoid this kind of wreck by waiting until left-turning vehicles are clear of the intersection, but why should you yield when the law requires the driver of the turning vehicle to yield to you?

Another motorist left-crosses a cyclist in CA. San Rafael triathlete critically injured on Lucas Valley Road Is it something in the water, or a lack of education, or what?

People are upset at the levels of CARnage in one MA town. Second cyclist killed by driver Two cyclists killed this year and they raise a ruckus about it. I think I like this town. This was the same town where Misti Bassi was killed earlier this year. This wreck was a hit-from-behind so standard hit-from-behind protocols apply.

Two reports on a wreck between a bus and a bicycle in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in collision with bus and with less detail Cyclist Killed After Being Hit by Bus: Police To quote on of the comments from the first article linked “If the City of Ottawa staff could pass there between 15:30 and 18:00 hrs. they would realize how something needs to be done badly.” Apparently the sight lines here are so bad that cyclists can’t see oncoming traffic until they have already committed to the lane. I couldn’t find the area on Google street View to confirm this.

Another cyclist is injured in Canuckistan. Cyclist injured in collision with truck All LEO are saying about this one is nobody was apparently drunk, so I can’t say how to avoid the same kind of wreck. I don’t even know what kind of wreck it was. 😛

Still about Canada but from the US comes this report from Streetsblog about the reaction to the 5 cyclists getting hit in Ottawa. Blaming Cyclists for Dangerous Roads: It Goes Way Back Apparently someone decided that had the cyclists been equipped with a bell the wreck could have been prevented? Is that why tickets were issued for not having a bell? The original article was here The Usual Suspects

Tulsa Transit wants kids on bikes (and not yelling and screaming on their buses 😉 ) Local, State Briefs The article is the second one down the list, after the report on the man who stabbed his brother to death with a sword 😛

More on the SRAM chain recall as the Ironman approaches. Triathletes check your chains, a recall of 24,000 bike chains Gigi runs an 8-speed chain, I have a 9-speed chain on the Stratus, and the show bike runs straight Campy, so I have nothing to worry about, but if you have 10-speed SRAM or Shimano with a SRAM chain you might want to give your Power Link a look see.

A VA police department tries to improve bicycle safety in spite of the knuckleheads on the roads in cars. City Police Department To Host Bike Safety Event The knuckleheads responded in the first comment.

The headline on this one sells this one better than I could. Injured War Vet Trains With Other Disabled Athletes Handcyclists, disabled people riding regular or recumbent bicycles, and just a whole lotta people working to be the best whatever they do that they can be, in spite of what happened to them before. You have to admire that.

Speaking of handcyclists, a whole lot of them got together to raise money for disabled skiers. Kelly Brush fund-raiser wheels in record amount Yay Us!

And that’s the whole mess for today.

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