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A gaspingly weak Feed

OK so the links aren’t physically gasping, it’s a metaphor, an analog. There weren’t many articles in the Feed and many of them had nothing to do with bicycles in any way shape or form, but I still had to read them to determine that they had nothing to do with bicycles. Some times you get diamonds, most of the time you at least get zircons and sometimes you get pebbles and dirt. Today was a mostly pebbles and dirt day.

Up first for no particular reason is a CO rider that fell off his bike riding down a steep road. Sunshine Canyon bicyclist seriously injured Nothing on why he fell off his bike, just that he did. Fortunately this was the kind of wreck in which a bicycle helmet can be of use, and the cyclist was in fact wearing a helmet. Remember it ain’t much, but it’s all we get so wear your helmet, unless someone has passed a law requiring wearing a bicycle helmet. I have stated why I hate helmet laws several times in my blog, you can use the search function to find the pertinent posts.

A teen on a bike is injured by a teen in a van, and one of the van passengers is arrested on an outstanding warrant. Teen bicyclist injured after collision with van Fourteen YO males frequently do things that don’t make any sense, although there might have been a very good reason to bail from the sidewalk at that point. The real point of this is not to ride on the sidewalks because drivers are not expecting you to be there and when you suddenly come off a sidewalk they really don’t expect that.

Nothing on what caused the wreck that injured a CA cyclist. Bicyclist injured after collision with car in Irvine At this point LEO are not releasing any details about the wreck. People claiming to be witnesses in the comments section are divided as to what happened.

Another report on the bike ninja killed over the weekend. Bicyclist hit and killed by car I’m not one to blame the cyclist unless he really deserves it, but from the reports this guy deserves to be blamed. I have no sympathy for bike ninjas, they endanger themselves, they endanger drivers that might hit them and damage their cars, and they endanger me because in the eyes of the driving public one cyclist is all cyclists, at least the bad ones are. Drivers never see the cyclists obeying the laws and riding safely, until they are plastered over the hood and windshield.

It’s a crash in Canadia but it’s a report from a NY newspaper. Man fatally injured in van-bicycle crash Not much on the actual wreck out yet, but it seems to be another hit-from-behind wreck. Whatever it was the cyclist ended up in the ditch after getting hit, and he died in the hospital he was transported to.

And a final report on Cycle Oregon. Rolling to a Stop There was one death, not related to on road activity, and one wreck that required a trip to a hospital, and what seems to be a little food poisoning according to my back channel reporters. But all in all just about everybody had a good time.

And that’s all I have today.

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