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Birthday greetings I have gotten

I got a photoshopped image of myself on a bike ride as a present for my birthday, which is today BTW. Thank You, I have survived for 51 trips around the sun as of today.

See? This is my other bike the Stratus with the tailbox I used for camping

See? This is my other bike the Stratus with the tailbox I used for camping

You can see the comic strip character I was given my pagan name after a particular poem where I used a compare and contrast to our situations of being flightless. And I thank BikeJournal member Mary9671 for making this for me.

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Running fully caffeinated, a heavy Feed

Yes we are running a full load of caffeine this morning, and it was needed to wade through the number of links in the Feed. we ended up with a signal-to-noise ratio of about .5 and many of the reports had to be read completely to find out that there were no actual bicycles involved, like the Harley rider that was rear ended at a traffic light who had ridden “chopper” styled bicycles as a child with dummy V-twin motors in the frame. That was a cute but sad story, and had nothing to do with the focus of this blog. For those of you who are dropping in from Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery the focus of this blog is how not to be killed riding a bicycle, first, and general bicycle advocacy second. Also I want people to have fun riding their bikes, I have scads of fun riding mine and I think the joy should be shared. The fact that I tell people how to avoid common wreck modes does not mean I’m blaming the cyclist in the wreck the advice is attached to, I’m using the wreck as a teaching tool to promote awareness.

Up first are more reports on the Boca Raton hit-and-run that killed Loren Clobes. Bicyclist killed in Boca Raton hit-and-run; cops questioning driver and Bicyclist killed in Boca Raton hit and run Aside from the cyclist’s middle name neither report adds anything to the story as we know it now. The driver is still clueless at best or a lieing killer at worst, and the cyclist is like Generallisimo Francisco Franco, still dead. (For those of you wondering what that is about, there used to be this really great TV show on in the mid 1970s on NBC after the late news on Saturday nights that had a fake news segment like Jon Stewart’s show that used to open with “This just in, Generallisimo Francisco Franco is still dead” after the dictator of Spain died.)

More on the cyclist killed on the Canadian border. Unidentified cyclist killed in traffic accident and CYCLIST KILLED IN NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE COLLISION also Cyclist injured in collision with truck The media is in a minor frenzy because there were 2 fatalities out of 4 wrecks and the 2 survivors were seriously injured, all in less than 4 weeks. Questions about infrastructure, driver education, cyclist education, and law enforcement’s role are all being raised. As for what I think, I say yes, infrastructure needs improvement, driver education needs improvement, cyclist education needs improvement, and law enforcement needs improvement. What would be the best place to start? Well, driver education about bicycles on the roads, and law enforcement education and greater exercise of authority against drivers that cause harm to cyclists would offer the best bang for the buck, followed by cyclist education, then maybe infrastructure. While I think segregated cycling infrastructure has the greatest potential for reducing bike wrecks, education and enforcement have the biggest bang for the buck.

Questions still remain about what seems to be a single-vehicle bike wreck in MI. Clare County deputies continue probe into bike crash that left rider with critical head injuriesPolice and news agencies have received multiple calls from citizens speculating about the possible involvement of a vehicle, deputies said.” There is always the possibility of a car that passed too closely, which wouldn’t leave any evidence.

Multiple reports on a wreck in OR. Cyclist killed in freak accident on Hwy 101 and Bicyclist killed in Lincoln City after falling into traffic OK this is one of the major reasons why I don’t ride clipless pedals, because after the wreck it is almost impossible for me to unclip in a hurry.

A CO cyclist is killed in a left cross. Boulder cyclist killed in car collision This is a type of wreck that is very difficult to avoid. It is sometimes possible if you pay attention and the driver gives you enough room, but to be honest this does not happen often. The way to avoid a wreck in left crosses is to turn right when you see the car coming. This reduces the angle of impact which reduces the amount of force that hits the cyclist.

Another left cross in NH. Portsmouth bicyclist injured in collision with car at intersection Same advice as the previous wreck, turn right if you have the time.

The first of our wreck reports from the UK. Cyclist injured in accident There were a bunch of wrecks in this report, but nothing about the wrecks just the people in them. There was a man in his 50s, another that was 60, and a kid of 9, all hit over the weekend. Fortunately there were no fatalities.

Another report from Jolly Olde. Tributes to cyclist killed in crash This is an unusual report in that the mechanism of the crash was spelled out as a hit-from-behind. The hit-from-behind avoidance protocol is mirror(s), have an escape route, and be ready to bail to the escape route or from the bike should you see an impending wreck in the mirror(s).

Last report from the UK is a complaint about bike riders not obeying the laws. Lycra louts drive me crazy! I’m sure that drivers obey every law and are never wrong, because they are so good. That is why they have speed and red light cameras all over the country in Jolly Olde.

There is not enough space for all the bikes in the bike lanes in Copenhagen. Bicycle-friendly Copenhagen tries to ease crowded lanes Traffic jams in the bike lanes/paths? In Copenhagen? Whodathunkit?

Not to deride the UK but we have our own home grown crazies. Make cyclists wear helmets Like that will really help when a motor vehicle hits you. There was only the one report of someone getting hit while wearing a bike helmet in a wreck and the helmet failed, and yet he still gave credit to his survival to the helmet. 😛

How much does the government effect your commute? Door to Door: Public Policy and Your Commute Well as a victim of a hit-and-run during my commute that was never even investigated I would say the government has greatly effected my commute, it eliminated my need to commute by making me unemployable except on the internet.

After multiple hit-and-run wrecks in IA against cyclists, bicycle advocates are pushing for more equal law enforcement for the victims of bike wrecks. Bike group leader calls for another look at traffic law enforcement When someone is allowed to destroy evidence and hide the fact that they were in a fatal wreck, that to me is not equal enforcement, that is condoning terrorism.

And the battle over the Alice Swanson ghost bike in DC continues. The ‘Bizarre’ Life of a Memorial Who is going to give in first?

And to show that anti-bicycle crazy is not just confined to the Anglophone world, this report from Treehugger. 5 Places Riding Your Bike is Banned or Illegal (You’ll Be Surprised) Some of those bike bans are motivated out of desire to control a minority that is despised, others out of a misguided desire to make things safe, and some because they just don’t like bicycles.

And that’s all I have for you today.

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