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Why? And the Feed

OK it’s the day after my birthday and a time for some soul-searching. One of the big questions is “Why?” Why do I do this, why do so many people die from motor vehicle wrecks, pollution and the effects of obesity, and why do I continue to ride a bike nearly every day even after someone tried to kill me for riding a bike in the street?

Well in order of presentation, I do this because it needs to be done and I have the time and the resources to do it. As for the second question, I don’t know. Third question is easy, if I change my lifestyle because of a terrorist act to what the terrorist demanded, then the terrorist won. I don’t capitulate to terror.

Up first because I think it needs more attention is a request for information about a dead cyclist in Canadia. Police trying to identify cyclist killed in Niagara-on-the-Lake If anything in the description rings a bell that will help ID this fallen brother, please contact authorities at the number listed in the article.

Next is a story that just makes me ill. Coronado High School bicyclist seriously injured in accident and Police: Student won’t be charged in crash near Coronado High Another variation of the “I didn’t see him” defense, which is not a defense it is an admission of guilt. If you could not see the cyclist in front of you then you were driving too fast for conditions and should be ticketed at the very least.

Another report on the cyclist killed in Boulder CO this week Bicyclist killed in collision with car in north Boulder At this point 4 days later and after multiple reports there just isn’t anything more I can say.

For some reason most of the cyclists killed in London are women hit by semis while riding near intersections. Fitness instructor becomes eighth female cyclist killed by HGVs in London this year This is a strange statistic, 8 people killed in London by semis, and all of them were women. I would say this requires action, but from what I have been reading TfL (Transport for London) have been working on the issue since it continues a trend from 2006 of women cyclists being killed far out of proportion to their numbers on the roads, with a large percentage of those killed by HGV or what we call semis in the US.

From Oz a guy on an assist bike (not mentioned if it was ICE or electric) runs into the back of a parked bus. Bicycle rider killed in Quakers Hill collision OK aside from traveling too fast for conditions, if you run into the back of a parked vehicle that’s as big as a mini-bus then you are obviously either stupid or impaired (possibly both). The same rule for motor vehicles also applies to bicycles, don’t travel any faster than you can see to stop. Another way to phrase that is travel at such a speed that your stopping distance is less than your visual range, or that the distance you can see is greater than your stopping distance.

Also from Oz is this admonishment to cyclists. Bike riders need to know rules of road to avoid deaths Like most cyclists aren’t already drivers and have licenses.

A hit-and-run from nearly 20 years ago is remembered for the life it took, and the fact it was never solved. Ride Honors Bicyclists Killed In Crashes Yes, unsolved murders are vexing, and a child killed in the process is doubly so.

Another ride to remember a cyclist killed more recently in another state than the one mentioned in the last link. Cleveland: Memorial ride to honor woman killed on bicycle

A Canadian city installs some unusual infrastructure. Citywide repairs for troubled two-wheelers I can see how this would be nice, but unless the city has created a need for these by something they did or didn’t do I don’t see why they are necessary.

And my colleague in the SF branch of examiner.com has this information on riding in the Fall without falling. First Day of Fall 2009: Five essential fall cycling tips Good information.

And that’s the whole mess this morning.

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