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A respite from dead cyclists, the Feed

Except for another report on the cyclist that died because she couldn’t unclip from her pedals there was only one new death in today’s Feed. This is good as I hate seeing dead cyclists even virtual ones on the Internet. This job can be emotionally taxing, and days with few wrecks and fewer deaths ease up on that strain.

Getting to the new report on the old wreck, nothing really new here axcept the outlet. Calgary cyclist killed in Oregon She still failed to unclip and fell over into traffic directly in front of a car that hit her, that hasn’t changed. I have thought it over for the last few days and the only way to avoid a similar wreck and still use clipless pedals is to stop so that no matter which way you fall over you don’t fall in front of traffic, which when you think about it is usually impossible. But that’s the best I can come up with.

The new death was a red light runner in MI. Woman bicyclist seriously injured in collision with car in downtown Muskegon After the headline was posted the woman died from her injuries. Back channel tells me that the signal would frequently not detect and change for bicycles which may have lulled the cyclist who rode that route almost daily into ignoring the red light, but she still should have treated it as a stop sign and taken a look to make sure there was no traffic. Michigan isn’t quite that dead yet, recession not withstanding.

Another sidewalk rider is hit in MI. Bicyclist’s foot injured in accident Ride slow on sidewalks and be ready to stop because drivers are not looking for you.

In Portland OR a popular bike route is “traffic calmed” because cyclists were going too fast. New speed bumps on popular cemetery route: Necessarily dangerous? OK guys, blasting through funeral processions and swearing at mourners? Way to win friends and influence people.

Another person drags out the tired old argument for bicycle licenses and registration. Reader says bicycle riders must be regulated If you tax you have to tax at the same rate as you tax motor vehicles. If you tax an Escalade at $X then you have to tax my bicycle at $X/5000 because of the relative impact on the infrastructure.

And finally a ride that honors a long time cyclist who was a worker and planner for the ride. 40th annual Octoginta ride dedicated to late KU Athletic Director Bob Frederick

Now get out there and ride your bikes.

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