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Back to the grind, here are your dead cyclists and some that are still kicking

Well that was a short rest, we have a Feed full of dead and injured cyclists and jurisprudence related to that subject, and all of it in North America (my UK readers can take a break, Jolly Olde remains jolly tonight).

And the state that kills more cyclists, outright or per capita, than any other in the US has added to that record this week. Cyclist killed in Lake County accident If y’all from FL don’t like it when I post that statement about FL killing more than any other state, then do something about it! You might start by getting something done about drivers that go off the roads to hit cyclists from behind like this wreck. Give me, no give cyclists a brake. pay attention to where you’re going and quit driving so fast. This rider was all the way off the legal portion of the road and was not impeding traffic in any way shape or form, and still got hit from behind and killed. This is no longer acceptable, it has never been acceptable. When you drive off the roads and kill someone it is a crime. I don’t know what kind of a crime to call it but when you are controlling a deadly WMD and you can’t keep it between the lines where it is moderately safe to put it and you kill someone where you are not supposed to be either in a bike lane or off the road completely on the shoulder, it is a crime and you should go to prison and you should never be allowed to drive again for the rest of your life should you ever be released from prison.

Another left cross in GA this time. Bicyclist injured in crash with car At this time I can’t say if the cyclist had enough time to avoid this wreck in any way. If there is time to avoid your wreck the best course to take is brake hard and turn right for either the left cross or the right hook.

Two reports on a Yuma cyclist killed in a head on crash. Cyclist killed in car collision and from my examiner.com colleague Yuma, AZ cyclist killed in car collision The rider was hit head on by a car that was passing a tractor. You know the things that pull plows etc. on farms? that kind of tractor. This was not an avoidable wreck for this cyclist who was the second hit in a single file line of cyclists, the first one suffered shoulder injuries and is expected to ride again. Doug Flynn probably was dead before he fell from the front of the car that hit him as his heart showed no response when paramedics hooked him up to a monitoring device. Again this was a driver not watching where she was going, and I’m not blaming the driver because of her gender I’m blaming the driver because she wasn’t watching where she was going and hit a group of cyclists head on and killed one of them.

Salina KS is a dangerous place to ride a bike this time of year as 4 wrecks are reported in a half hour spread on a single morning. Drivers Urged to Be Extra Cautious at Dawn and Dusk The old “I couldn’t see him!” excuse. If you can’t see, then slow down. None of the cyclists in this report were at fault but 2 went to the hospital because a driver was in too big a hurry to slow down when his or her vision was impaired by glare.

Amherst MA is having a time explaining new laws to drivers and cyclists as many are in collision. Police push bike safety, rules in wake of death A number of these bike v car wrecks are because cyclists run stop signs but there were also a number of dooring incidents. OK guys I keep saying this but apparently there are a lot of people not reading this blog, you have to slow and LOOK when you get to a stop sign and STOP if there is crossing traffic. I’m not going the get all high and mighty and tell you to stop at every stop sign, cars don’t even stop at every stop sign. There is a major intersection within walking distance of my house that is a 4-way stop and NOBODY stops there, except the school bus that has the video tape going to monitor the driver and the kids.

It’s an epidemic in Ottawa! Three Cyclists Injured in Crashes and 3 cyclists involved in separate accidents Four in KS and 3 more in ON, is there some kind of bug going around?

They finally got around to prosecuting the shared-ride driver that went off the road to hit a cyclist in Boise. ValleyRide van driver charged in Eagle cyclist’s death “Michael Perkins is accused of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter after a May 19 collision that killed Jim L. Chu of Eagle.” heck of a response time on that one, more than 4 months between the assault and the charges, but there will be no arrest on this one. They expect the guy to come in on his own to be booked and then he gets to go home and wait for his court date to be set. TANJ! And he is still getting paid to sit on his butt and do nothing by the bus company. TRANJ! (there really ain’t no justice)

People really liked this guy. Memorial to be held for Boulder cyclist killed last weekend I hope there is a ride for me when I get hit again. I don’t want to get hit again but I probably will be.

Even Olympian cyclists like to go for the occasional charity ride. Thorburn along for the ride: Stanford doctor, a two-time Olympian, cruising 525 miles for charity I fully endorse this ride. like that means anything 😉

Another article on helmet laws, with extra stupidity. The debate about helmet safety The author quotes a helmet manufacturer’s rep as saying that a helmet is pretty much useless in a car v bike wreck but then goes on to say that there should be helmet laws anyway. The Canadian standard is almost identical to the US test except with a cold weather test (I hope so anyway, most US bike helmets turn to either a solid hunk or crumble at temps routinely encountered in the Great White North during ice biking season.)

And that’s all I have today.

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