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The usual mix of a Saturday Feed, plus a special report from the field

I finally got a back channel report that I can share with attribution. And it has links! I’ll save that ’til last. I also got the usual weak Saturday Feed with the usual high number of “lifestyle” stories.

Up first for no particular reason are multiple reports on a cyclist that hit a curb in the left turn lane and crashed, in FL. St. Petersburg bicyclist critically injured in fall and Bicyclist struck by car, seriously injured in Lealman which brings in the real cause of the injuries, a car that hit him after he fell. The cyclist was riding in the dark when he hit the curb, so lights might have been an issue, not a lack of installed lights because they would have mentioned that in the reports but a light that was not adequate to see by.

A police blotter report on a bike wreck in OR. On The Record: 9.25.09 Nothing of any information here except the bare fact of the wreck.

??? No charges in bizarre Naperville incident So the guy on the bicycle gets hit in the face with a broken bottle and ???

Shades of El Tour de Tucson in Enn Zed. Four injured when car ploughs into cyclists The driver turned into a group of 20 cyclists, injuring 4 including one severely, but no charges have been set.

Now the report from BikinginLA writer Ted Rogers:

Just wanted to give you a update on the status of several court cases in regarding Southern California bike collisions:

1. A memorial Ride of Silence will be held in honor of Joseph Novotny next Saturday, October 3, in Santa Clarita, CA, just north of Los Angeles. Marco Antonio Valencia, the driver who killed Novotny and injured four other cyclists, is scheduled for a hearing this Tuesday, Sept. 29; he’s facing one felony count of murder and gross vehicular manslaughter, six felony counts of DUI and four felony counts of leaving the scene of the accident, as well as a misdemeanor charge of driving with a suspended license due to two previous DUI convictions — despite being just 20 years old at the time of the accident.
Santa Clarita to honor fallen cyclist with silent ride and
Fatal crash driver had priors also
Man Charged with DUI and Murder of Bicyclist

2. Dr. Christopher Thompson, the physician accused of intentionally injuring two cyclists in L.A.’s Mandeville Canyon on July 4, 2008, is scheduled for trial on Oct. 6, 2009, with jury selection to begin Oct. 13 or 14; he’s charged with one felony count of reckless driving causing injury, two felony counts of battery with serious injury, two counts of causing great bodily injury while attempting to commit a felony, and one count of mayhem; he’s also charged with one count of misdemeanor reckless driving causing an injury for a separate incident in which he forced a cyclist off the road the previous March.
Road Rage Motorist vs. Cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road and
Brentwood doctor pleads not guilty to injuring cyclists also
Mandeville Canyon Road Rage Doctor Trial Set for 9/17

3. Robert Sam Sanchez recently plead not guilty to all charges in the hit-and-run death of Rod Armas, as well as critically injuring Armas’ 14 year old son in Malibu, CA, near the completion of last June’s Grand Tour Double Century sponsored by the Los Angeles Wheelmen. Sanchez is charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence and failure to stop after an accident involving an injury.
Father and Son Grand Tour Dream Ends With Tragedy also
Oxnard driver arrested in cyclist’s death and
The definition of tragedy

4. Alejandro Hidalgo is facing charges in the April, 2009, hit-and-run death of Jesus Castillo, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Hidalgo is charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence, and driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content over .08.
Echo Park Ghost Rider and
The definition of tragedy

Thank you for helping me report the goings on in SoCal Ted.

Getting to the lifestyle reports we have a report from the suddenly bike friendly town of Columbia MO. A Free-Wheeling City I wish them luck dealing with the car-heads who think they own the roads.

A really great charity ride. Bike ride continues Marine’s work I don’t know how great the ride is obviously, but the charity is worthwhile.

And finally an article from Canadia that’s about ?? Caledon OPP?officer Jonathan Beckett talks bicycle safety There was something about a ratio of the cost of your lock to the cost of your bike, not sure what that’s about.

And that’s all I got today, have a nice weekend.

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