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Bicycling as a lifestyle around the world, the Feed

Yes, today’s Feed was almost entirely lifestyle bicycle articles rather than bike wrecks, which I think is great! Less dead and broken cyclists but we are still getting the coverage in the media, good things instead of the usual “stuff”. Show positive things about riding bicycles as transportation instead of an endless parade of dead and injured cyclists.

Having said that, the first report we got was a cyclist possibly committing suicide by train. Bicyclist Killed by Train in Lakeland If this wasn’t suicide, then it was definitely “culling the herd”, as trains are big and noisy, the places where they intersect with roads are usually marked and there are noisy flashing signals and sometimes gates that drop down to block the road. There’s no excuse for getting hit by a train.

Another blind driver syndrome wreck in MA. Bicyclist hit by car has condition upgraded The driver, Patricia O’Neil, 68, of Centerville told police she had just turned onto Maria Avenue and did not see Boyle, when they collided.” Or what I’m now calling blind driver syndrome. If you can’t see a bicycle in the road or street, you have no business driving. There was no way to avoid this one as a cyclist because the reaction time was essentially zilch.

More on the driver turning into a group ride in Enn Zed. Cyclist critical after Tamaki Drive ‘carnage’ I still don’t understand what was going on here as we now know the driver had a stop sign and the cyclists were on the through road. This is another of the wrecks that a cyclist could not have avoided because of a lack of reaction time.

A bicycle on bicycle wreck victim disappears from the hospital. Woman seeks police help in tracing father who disappeared from GH This is a weird one, I wonder if they will find him nude and dead or dying in some gutter some place.

And Japan is trying to make up for their mistake in putting bicycles on some sidewalks back in 1978 as a temporary stop gap before installing bicycle lanes that were never done. Let’s Bike! As was pointed out in the article it has been more than 30 years since the temporary emergency measure was instituted and cyclists think that they have all the sidewalks along with pedestrians and drivers think they own all the roads, making getting the sidewalks back for pedestrians and cyclists back on the roads nearly impossible. Another problem is politicians that are not bike friendly except during election campaigns, when pretty much every candidate rides a flag-fluttering bicycle to advertise his or her “ordinariness.” I linked an article about Mama-san bikes (mamachari) that were on the brink of being outlawed until the Mama-sans spoke up in outrage a while back.

And that’s all I got tonight, now go ride a bike.

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